Catching Up

Funny how I only do these little summary posts now.
Quarter went okay. I got an A, B+, and B-. I’m feeling really burned out though. The second half of last quarter didn’t feel too great, and this one’s not feeling all that great either. I just wish there was some sort of break from it besides these little one week pieces of crap. My classes do seem interesting this quarter though.
A few weeks ago gem and I went to a science fiction convention in LA. I’m not sure if I ever mentioned it. I met Ray Park, who played Darth Maul among other cool characters, along with Daniel Logan, who played young Boba Fett. I took my photo with them and purchased an autographed picture of Park. Earlier that same day, gem and I found two all white bunnies on campus. There are a lot of bunnies around, but I’ve never seen white ones on campus. One had black spots, and one was completely white. gem and I were both able to pet one of them too! It was pretty awesome in all actuality. I should post pictures somewhere. Actually, look on Facebook in the next couple of days.
For my birthday, I went to TGIF with gem, Antonio, and Allison at midnight of my birthday so I could order drinks. Later that day, at a normal dinner time, I went out for a more secluded dinner. Then on Friday I went out with 12 guests to BJ’s. It was fun 🙂 Those pictures are up courtesy of Ratana. I haven’t posted my own yet. I guess I’m lazy. Plus, none of the photo hosts really please me. DeviantArt is for art… Facebook’s alright I guess… MySpace doesn’t really support large amounts of photos… flickr I just don’t get (I’d prefer albums, etc.). I guess Facebook’ll do.
Break was a welcome, er, break, from school. I hung out with Edward and my brother a bit, and then William came over. He stayed most of the week. I guess he hates Long Beach, which is understandable, lol. We watched TMNT, lots of Scrubs, beat Alien Hominid, and beat Metal Slug 6. I also beat episode 4 of Doom (the original) over break as well as Shadow of the Colossus. Shadow of the Colossus is an amazing game that I won’t really bother going into depth about here, but trust me, it’s amazing. I’m playing through a second time now, and I ordered Ico off of eBay earlier this week. William sold me his N64 too. Yay.
Disneyland. Went there too. It’s so much fun. I picked up an annual pass too, although I guess I don’t have that many people to go with anymore. Still, fun!
Also over break, William, my gf, and I built my LEGO Ultimate Collector’s Edition Imperial Star Destroyer. It’s truly awesome. Truly indeed. Takes up half of my dining room table now.
I ordered four tshirts off of Threadless today. They’re so awesome. One has 99 red balloons on it. How great is that? Reminds me of Alex =D
Next weekend I’m going on vacation to Vegas for three days. I’m looking forward to that.
I guess that’s a quick (maybe not so quick) summary of life.