Summer Activities

Cool stuff I did this summer! (Not counting games)

  1. Hung out with Edward, Herbert, Carrie, and Carrie’s friends!
  2. Had BBQ with my roommates and Edward
  3. Went to AX with gem, Edward, Antonio and stayed for three nights at a hotel
  4. Read AOI House volume 1
  5. Read Tea Club
  6. Had 4th of July bbq with gem, Jon, Gabby, Edward, Tony
  7. Watched fireworks and left car in traffic with gem, Edward, Tony
  8. Drank with Jon, Gabby, gem, Edward, Diana, and roommates
  9. Drank with gem’s roommates at party, got wasted with gem and Joann and had Andrew and Allison take care of us
  10. Had potluck with gem’s roommates
  11. Went swimming with gem and Allison Santos
  12. Went swimming with gem
  13. Saw Order of the Phoenix in IMAX 3D with gem, Gabby, and Jon
  14. Read Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
  15. Lots of eating and hanging out with gem’s roommates
  16. Went swimming with gem
  17. BBQ with gem, Duncan, Collin, Mike, Edward, Gabby, Jon, and others at my place
  18. Played Nintendo Monopoly
  19. Played with Jon and Gabby’s kitty
  20. Watched Chrono Crusade
  21. Hung out with gem’s roommates a lot
  22. Spent all day reading in Jon’s and Gabby’s bed
  23. Read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
  24. Read Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince
  25. Read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows
  26. Got a new bike
  27. Watched Blades of Glory
  28. Watched Disturbia
  29. Read Storm Front: Book 1 of the Dresden Files
  30. Had BBQ with gem, Jon, Gabby, Diana, Edward, Duncan, Jon Lam, and Anthony
  31. Celebrated Harry Potter’s birthday by watching all 5 movies over 5 nights, one per night starting on his birthday
  32. Shopped for new shoes with gem for her
  33. Watched Saving Face with gem, Gabby, and Jon
  34. Went bike riding with gem
  35. Watched Saving Face again with gem, Gabby, Jon, Duncan, and Diana
  36. Had a wonderful steak at Claim Jumper with gem, Gabby, and Diana
  37. Bought Dresden season 1
  38. Went bike riding with gem
  39. Hooked up all my consoles
  40. Rode with gem again
  41. Had dinner with gem, Alex, Darnell, Dev, and Kim
  42. Swam with gem
  43. Bike rode with gem
  44. Went to D&B’s with Joann and her friends and got wasted
  45. Pool party for Duncan and Diana
  46. Drinking party for Duncan and Diana
  47. Hookah with Jon and Gabby
  48. Went out to dinner and a bar with Diana for her birthday
  49. Helped Jon and Gabby move
  50. Saw Lisa Loeb and the 80z All-Stars
  51. More birthday dinner for Diana and Duncan at The Cheesecake Factory
  52. Talked with Duncan and Diana a lot
  53. Went to Tofu Festival with gem, Diana, Duncan, Jon, Gabby, Tony, and William
  54. William came over
  55. Lots of eating with Jon, Gabby, Diana, Duncan
  56. Lots of eating with Diana and Duncan and even a little Collin
  57. Got sick
  58. Went bike riding
  59. Saw Rise of the Silver Surfer with Diana and Duncan
  60. Went bike riding through nature preserve and to park
  61. Had vegetarian lunch of pasta and fajitas made by Duncan, Diana, and Gabby
  62. Went to Boomer’s with gem, Duncan, Collin, Diana, and Gabby
  63. Had dinner cooked by gem of pot roast, meat and veggies over pasta, pork chops, broccoli and cheese, and mashed potatoes with Duncan, Diana, Jackie, Collin, Joann, Gabby, and Jon
  64. Completed Wailing Cavern
  65. Ate at a vegan restaurant
  66. Lucille’s with Joann and gem
  67. Really fun party for Jin’s birthday
  68. Got to level 19 in WoW
  69. Had big scare
  70. Played video games with Andrew
  71. Went to D&B’s with Joann, Allison Santos and her cousin
  72. Disneyland
  73. Got macho nachos with shredded beef with fries instead of nachos!
  74. Had another big scare, lol
  75. Got my laptop back
  76. Saw Weatherbox, The Honorary Title, and Cartel at the House of Blues
  77. Annoyingly had the power go out for ~15 hours
  78. Got freaked out with Mike and Edward
  79. Fixed the genre of my entire iTunes library