Sega Week

Sega week just ended! Sega Week is a week to commemorate Sega starting on September 9 in honor of 9/9/99, the American Dreamcast launch. I played some Dreamcast multiplayer with Edward and downloaded a new DC game, Rez. Rez is a very interesting on-rails shooter. I’ve been wanting to a play a new one for a while and happened to find Rez while searching for new DC games to try. It has a pretty psychedelic feel to it and has great music. Very fun! I also beat Sonic 3 & Knuckles as Knuckles for the first time ever. This morning, technically after Sega Week ended, I showed Edward SA2 because he had never seen it. The series may have gone downhill after S3&K, but I still think SA1 and 2 were great additions to the series!