While playing TF2 earlier, I noticed my screen dim. The AC indicator was off so I checked the rear of my laptop, but my cord was still in place. Then I checked the AC adapter. I picked it up, noticed a spark, and then noticed fire before promptly unplugging it.
(Voice) MrUser: MEDIC!
MrUser : My computer power supply just caught fire 0_o
Player NerubianTerror has joined the game
lunchbox : lol
MrUser : I guess I keep playing until my laptop batter dies?
@flac : the means you should turn it off and stop playing TF2
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(TEAM) GM|SPLAT : sentry in our sewer
MrUser : that’s no fun
@flac : before it burns your comp
gambit : at least finish the level! 😉
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MrUser : I unplugged it
MrUser : exactly gambit