Duck Tales (NES)

Last night I played through Duck Tales for the NES. I did use an emulator with a rewind feature so it definitely was not a feat of skill. However, it was quite enjoyable. I left the stage “The Moon” until last so I could look forward to the music. I hope everyone’s familiar with the song. The Advantage play a killer cover of it.
At first the game seemed a bit difficult. You see, there’s no shooting, and jumping on enemies hurt me. What could I do? I eventually realized that by pressing down and B after jumping, I can use my cane as a pogo stick of sorts. When I jump on the enemy with that, it dies. Ah, the platforming could begin! The game reminded me visually of Mega Man. It didn’t have the puzzles or the shooting, but it looked like it.
Duck Tales has players take the role of Scrooge McDuck and search for treasure to increase your riches! In each stage, the goal is to get to the boss and kill him or her by, of course, jumping on the boss repeatedly! In order to do that, you sometimes have to find a particular item or get through a maze. I’m sure the game was less than an hour, but I had a good time finally getting through an old favorite from when I was a kid.
Only one stage really had a maze in it. Throughout the level there are mirrors that teleport Scrooge to another location. One of these locations is the obligatory mine cart riding segment! What game wouldn’t be complete without one of those? However, Duck Tales’ mine cart was pretty boring.
Throughout the stages are hidden treasures to help Scrooge get richer! This is basically just score like that in any other game, but giving things a monetary value made me happy. I remember Duck Tales the show, and I know that Scrooge sure loved his money. I’ll do what I can to make him richer! The treasures are sometimes found just by jumping in the right location or running past a certain thing but are also found by going through secret passageways that looks like walls. This isn’t anything truly amazing, but it gives some gimmick to the otherwise relatively plain levels.
You can check out someone playing The Moon here just to get an idea of the gameplay and listen to that awesome music! I wasn’t the one who posted it or anything; you can thank RickDanto for that. Enjoy