Little Nemo (NES)

Little Nemo: The Dream Master was a childhood classic. I remember it very fondly. The first thing you notice when you start the game is the wonderful theme music, followed by the scene of Nemo running towards his bed, jumping over the board at the foot of the bed, and going to sleep. Then level one starts, and the amazing music continues!
I really think the first level is the best in the game and a wonderful example for other platformers to strive to meet. Someone posted a speedrun of the game, and it can be found here. Definitely check out a bit of it to see why I love the music so much.
Now, what’s fun about the game? What makes it different than other platformers? Nemo can throw candy. It’ll stun enemies but not kill them. Touching enemies at all, including jumping on them, causes Nemo harm. Luckily, there are some animals that he can feed candy. After they’ll full, they’ll let Nemo “ride” them, which basically means you turn into that animal. Each animal has different abilities, and they’re a lot of fun!
The second level is very similar to the first but has some fun water parts (and I usually hate water levels of any game). The third level differs a bit because you’re riding a train. At the end of each level, you reach a door that functions as an exit to the level. There are a number of locks on the door, and you need to find at least that many keys in the level to unlock it. Normally that isn’t a problem, but later in the game, the keys can be quite hard to find. By the last level (or was it the second to the last level?), I was very annoyed at not being able to find the keys. You either have to run around for a long, long time o use a FAQ.
I recommend playing the first level at least of this game if you ever get the chance. A wonderful, classic game! It might seem strange to call this game wonderful when I’m annoyed at the later levels, but I’m not telling anyone to go spend $60 on this. However, the game is fun even if the last levels are annoying, and the first level is amazingly good. Those early levels show excellent design, the animal riding is interesting and fun, the sprites are cute, and the music is great. Worth anyone’s time who likes classic NES-era games.