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Gary Gygax

Gary Gygax, creator of Dungeons & Dragons and grandfather of all role-playing games, died today. He died at his home in Wisconsin, and his wife Gail said he had health problems for years.
Gygax created the miniatures wargame Chainmail with Jeff Perren. They later created Dungeons & Dragons together based on Chainmail through the company the founded together, TSR. When Perren died, Gygax bought his shares. He went on to make Advanced Dungeons & Dragons and many supplements for his games and the subsequent games the Dungeons & Dragons spawned even up through the D20 system. He created other miniatures wargames and board games and wrote fantasy novels as well. Chainmail and Dungeons & Dragons started many fundamental concepts to the role-playing game. He, with Jeff Perren, is responsible for the modern rpg as we know it. Dungeons & Dragons has also effected literature, movies, and common thought on the fantasy realm. He will be missed.
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