Science Library Vagina

Someone found WebPageless by searching for uci “science library” vagina in Google. Sadly, I mentioned in one post that I heard the Science Library looked like a vagina, but I didn’t talk about it very much.
Well if people want me to talk about the Science Library’s vagina, then I’ll talk about the Science Library’s vagina!
The Science Library is shaped with two long sections in between you can walk. These connect to a ring shaped part of the building. To walk into the Science Library, you have to walk between the two long sections to the door in the ring shaped part. You pass under an opening in the building to get into the center of the ring shape. This makes it look like a little tunnel. This tunnel with the two sections of building are said to look like a vagina with outer lips.
In addition, the Science Library is as I described if you’re looking at it from ring road. On ring road in front of the Library is a design on the ground that looks like a representation of the Sun. It’s circular with points or arrow heads arranged around it pointing out. Leading away from this design and the Science Library is a water grate in a winding, S-like shape. These two things vaguely look like a sperm. This sperm is of course aiming right at the vagina! There you go!
I’ll find a picture for everyone’s pleasure soon!