Graduations, Roommates Left :(

Thursday was the last day of school. I stayed up pretty late talking to William that night, and Friday morning we went to Jackie’s Engineering graduation. It was fun! It was also Justina and Kevin’s graduations! Afterwards we ate with Larysa at Del Taco. After a nap, we went to Joann’s Social Sciences graduation! Ed and Mike made lots of noise with pots and pans when they called out her name. Afterwards we went out to dinner with Justina and her family. That was really fun, and Allison Tsao was there. Although I knew they were related, I wasn’t thinking about that fact when I got there so was pleasantly surprised to find Allison there too. Allison had completely moved out just that week too. Dinner was great! We at Traditions by Pascal. It was a very nice restaurant, and the food was quite delicious. I had garlic chicken and cr