Why are there so few arcades and such crappy games at the ones that do exist? I see less and less arcade games in public places. There used to be arcade games at laundromats, pizza places etc., but now the only arcades are basically those miniature golf / go-kart / bumper boat places.
The games at these places usually consist of fighting games, racing games, gun games, and ticket dispensing games. This assortment lacks variety. I’m not very interested in racing games and am not very good at fighting games. Gun games can be fun at times, but I feel that most of them are just plain ugly.
What happened to all the other games? What happened to all the arcade games? I want to love arcades. I really do. But they’re hard to find, and I can’t seem to love what I actually can find. I do remember playing the newest (at the time at least) Metal Slug in a movie theater back in Long Beach. William was with me, and it was downtown at the Pike, I think. William, if you read this, let me know if you remember any of this. That was fun. And I do play Qix and Donkey Kong at Dave & Busters. However, I want more Metal Slug and old beat ’em ups like the Simpsons and the Ninja Turtles games. I want the experience of playing games in a hopefully air conditioned room standing around with a bunch of other gamers.