Pyro Fortress

Pyro Fortress came out last week! In other words, the Pyro update for Team Fortress 2. With its release, players were obligated to play only as pyros with epic, flaming battles!
The Pyro’s achievements were much more easily attainable than the Medic’s, and they were actually things you might want to do as Pyro as opposed to the Medic’s achievements that required you to do things a Medic shouldn’t do. The three new weapons are the backburner, the flare gun, and the axtinguisher. The backburner replaces the flamethrower, adding health and always scoring crits from behind. However, it doesn’t have the airblast that the flamethrower now has, which can repel enemy rockets and grenades. The flare gun can light enemies on fire from a distance. Lastly, the axtinguisher is a melee weapon that scores crits always on enemies that are on fire. You also no longer need to get all the achievements to unlock all weapons. It was a lot of fun, but I unlocked all the weapons in about two days.