E3 Regurgitation

Allow me to regurgitate some information from Joystiq!
I really wasn’t expecting much from Microsoft or EA. My 360 is great, but it’s hard to really froth for the games when the legacy games all belong to Nintendo. I mean, Nintendo already has me excited for Wario Land: Shake It! and Mega Man 9, but I was still wondering if we’d hear about some other old franchises like Star Fox, Pilot Wings, or Animal Crossing. However, Microsoft surprised me today.


  • Netflix is now partnering to offer streaming content over the 360 to subscribers.
  • NBC and Universal are offering movies on XBL.
  • Geometry Wars 2 comes out next week.
  • The original Banjo-Kazooie will be on XBLA for this holiday season
  • The 360 will have exclusive Fallout 3 DLC
  • Final Fantasy XIII is now multi-platform
  • Avatars
  • “Party” system for group chatting
  • New UI featuring XBL Primetime, a sort of interactive TV channel in which there will be network-wide game shows with real prizes

And the best news?
Portal: Still Alive, sequel to the greatest game to ever be created, will be a 2008 exclusive to XBLA. I’m assuming “2008 exclusive” means timed exclusive. That kind of sucks because I’ll have to play a console version before the most likely superior PC version, but it’s not like I’m willing to wait to play another Portal game!
As for EA?
They’re still releasing Spore.
I didn’t really hear anything else of interest from them.