Squadcast Revelations

I’ve been behind on Squadcast, a podcast that I’ve enjoyed for a long time. Because I’m behind, I know that the show eventually dies because Scott and Bryan, the two main creators, need to put more time into Level Up, their Sirius radio video game show. When they first started it, they included some episodes in the Squadcast feed. I just caught up to that and was surprised to find out that Larry from Squadcast, a regular and someone I really liked, is actually Major Nelson of Xbox fame (Xbox Live Director of Programming)! Very cool!
Level Up also had Patrick Seybold, a PR guy for the PS3 and according to Wikipedia, Director of Corporate Communications & Social Media for SCE, as a guest. He said that Blu-Ray are the highest quality DVDs. Hate to break it to you idiot, but BRDs are not DVDs. He also went on to say that the PS3 can rip and burn our CDs to its HDD. Burn to the HDD? Then he said that you could play that music while playing PS3 games. Again, is this guy an idiot? You can now, but this episode is from December 2006. What the hell? Then he said that the PS3 has a build in wireless router. Wireless router? I don’t think so. The PS3 apparently also has incremental improvements over the PS2. Incremental improvements, eh?
This guy doesn’t know his own product!