What I’m Playing

What have I been playing lately? Most of my time has been spent playing World of Warcraft. Devee, my troll priest is now 39, and I’ve been PVPing a lot. I bought every item that I need for my level as well as a couple level 40 pieces. As soon as I get bored of PVPing, I’ll go back to PVE, but for now I’m enjoying it!
The other game I’ve been playing heavily is Overlord, which is very fun. It’s an action adventure game with some RPG elements for Xbox 360 in which you’re an evil overlord and must kill the heroes who killed your predecessor. You have an alignment that can go from evil to eviler, and you control many minions to kill enemies. Very fun.
I’ve also been playing Azure Dreams some, usually during lulls in PVP or when I’m about to sleep. I was putting some time into getting all the secret reports in The World Ends With You, but it began to get to the point where I wasn’t sure what I was supposed to do so I’ve been putting less time into it.
Returning to N+ yesterday, I now only have five more episodes to finish. I also picked up Guitar Hero 3 a bit more. I finished my first hard mode song, and I also got a perfect run of a song for the first time on I Am Murloc in normal mode.
Baldur’s Gate sputtered back to life, and I past the mines. I know that’s not very far, but I’m completed tons of the extra areas already and am higher level than I should be for where I am.