Zoe’s Tale

Zoe’s Tale was very good but not as good as Scalzi’s previous works in the Old Man’s War series. Because this is aimed at young adults as well, that’s to be expected. It was very good at giving more details about the universe though. The book is told through the perspective of teenager Zoe. While I really love Scalzi, I have to honestly say that the sarcastic, teenage girl voice in Zoe did seem a bit unrealistic at times, but I know I certainly couldn’t do any better! She also made friends very quickly with her best friend. What I love most about this book is getting a closer look at the Obin, most specifically Hickory and Dickory, General Gau, and the Conclave. I do really hope that John Scalzi continues to write in this universe in the future. The Conclave is an exciting concept, and I look forward to hearing more!