Halloween Gaming

If you’re too old to go trick or treating, which you are if you’re reading my blog, what should you do tonight? What about if you’re not cool enough to go to a club and look like a womanizing asshole by posing with a girl on each side of you (or dressing slutty and going out if you’re a girl, which again, you’re not if you’re reading this)? Halloween gaming, of course!
I like to watch Halloween movies and play Halloween games during this season. I think my favorite to play is Halloween Loco Roco, but I always end up playing MMOs.
If you have a PSP, you can play the Halloween Loco Roco for free. The Halloween level is a free demo of Loco Roco that can be found easily using Google. It only takes about twenty minutes to play, and I find it a lot of fun.
Most MMOs offer something to do. Today I’ve done some random item collection in World of Warcraft. Guild Wars also has the Mad King Thorn who visits every three hours throughout Halloween. Last year he gave out candy and collectable hats. I’m assuming it’ll be the same this year, but I haven’t looked. There was also candy last year in Hellgate: London. Given the trouble in which Hellgate’s been, I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t anything to do this year. Still, it might be worth a check.
Zombies Ate My Neighbors is fun little game to play. While it does have zombies, it doesn’t really feel Halloweeny though. That’s why I’ve been putting a lot of time into Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts. Even with save states, that game is really hard. I actually couldn’t get through the first level of the NES version even with a rewind feature. I ended up running out of time!
Any Resident Evil game full of zombies could be a good fix although I didn’t really care for the Resident Evil series much. Speaking of Capcom zombie fighting games, there’s also Dead Rising. I’d probably play that some if Andy didn’t still have my copy (lol)! Other survival horror games could be good too such as the Silent Hill series or the Fatal Frame series.
Animal Crossing on the GameCube also has Halloween activity. Too bad Animal Crossing: Wild World doesn’t. Hopefully City Folk will have more holidays in it, but it’s not out yet anyways. I really can’t wait for it!
There’s also some minor festivities in GunBound, but they’re events are never very interesting to me. This year it seems to be primarily bonuses for people spending in the cash shop (using real money). There’s also some Halloween themed towns and dungeons in Maple Story!
Those are my tips for Halloween gaming! If I think of more, I’ll add them. Honestly though, no one’s going to go play one of these games just because I talk about them. Hopefully it was an interesting read to someone!