Gaming Recap

This past week I’ve played a substantial amount of Rock Band 2. We beat it last night actually. I also bought all the Weezer and Oasis tracks for gem and all the Who tracks for myself. I need to pick up Boston, Rush, and The Police also. I put some more time into LittleBigPlanet a little. I’m on the last level of the game and should be able to beat it tonight. I started playing Azure Dreams a tiny bit more and have been playing Ninjatown in bed and when I’m out. It’s a surprisingly fun little tower defense game for the DS. I don’t think I’d really recommend purchasing it new, but it is fun to play.
I also got back into Bioshock a little. It’s hard to play because it really stresses me out. However, I did manage to kill Dr. Steinman. I think it was a really cool scene. The fight itself wasn’t that exciting because I’m playing on easy. Still, I chose that because I’m not looking for challenging gameplay; I’m looking for the mood the game presents and to a lesser extent, the plot and message the game tries to portray (if it does indeed have a message, which I suspect it will).
Lastly, I played a small amount of Wario Land 2 and Professor Layton and the Curious Village this week. Good times!