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Obama won the presidency obviously. I wish I had more to say on it, but I really don’t. I wanted him to win, and I’m glad he did. But I have other things on my mind.
For instance, how the fuck did California proposition 8 pass? What the hell is wrong with people? People learn as they grow up that discrimination is wrong, but obviously people don’t really feel like that. They might decide that gender discrimination is wrong or that racial discrimination is wrong, but then we “protect families” by now allowing gays to marry? How does that protect the families they’re trying to create? I’m completely sickened by anyone who voted yes on proposition 8.
You shouldn’t steal because it’s wrong to steal. People shouldn’t avoid stealing because they’re scared of getting in legal or social trouble. Clearly that’s what’s going on with discrimination. At least in the books we have equal racial and gender rights in this country. People believe this is right because that’s what’s currently in the books. People claim they’re against discrimination because they have it ingrained in their heads that racial and gender discrimination is wrong. However, they don’t truly understand the topic. They think they do, but they don’t. If they did, how could they say that discrimination is wrong and then pass this fucking law?
Also, why is teaching gay marriage in school even an issue? First, I don’t believe they teach marriage in school at all. How come we learn about the rights movements we’ve had in this country? Why aren’t we content that we have equal gender and racial rights? I think it’s because it’s important that history doesn’t repeat itself. We need to remember our (as a nation, a people) past mistakes, even if they were before our, as individuals’, lives. Not only is it so that we make sure not to discriminate based on these qualities again, but because we’re supposedly an intelligent species, it’s so we can generalize and apply the knowledge of history to future events. Then how the fuck could we have let this pass? I certainly hope this is taught in schools! Not the concept of gay marriage. Marriage isn’t and shouldn’t be taught in schools at all. But the political fight for equal marriage laws should most definitely be taught in schools. I hope every student in every grade is learning that this piece of shit country is still discriminating in law and in social behavior.
This also brings up the confusion I have for this legal system. What if we put it to a vote and we amend the United States’ Constitution to ban gay marriage? What if that’s what the people want? The only way then to get gay marriage would be to remove it from the Constitution. Sure, we’ve removed things that we added previously, but what if the majority of the people in the country say that they want it kept in the Constitution? It would legally be in the highest form of law in this country even though it’s wrong. Clearly, someone should be able to say, “I don’t care that this is what the people want. It’s incorrect. It’s evil. I won’t allow it.” Who could do that? No one person can just strike laws out of existence. I think what I’m asking for is a dictatorship or monarchy. Clearly, that doesn’t work either, but I think this shows that a democratic republic only works as long as the people aren’t discriminating bigots who are evil.
Luckily, I do believe the time will come eventually when gay marriage is allowed all across the nation. It might take some time, but the young people are generally more allowing of it. We just have to wait out the lives of the older pieces of shit in this nation.