I think I missed last week’s update. You know, a lot happens in two weeks. I knew I played games, but when I first went to write this post, I couldn’t remember much. Well, I played a lot. I beat LittleBigPlanet, Gears of War 2, The Ship, and Azure Dreams. I’ve also been playing World of Warcraft, Animal Crossing: City Folk, Team Fortress 2, Audiosurf, and Thousand Arms.
The night I made my last Game Journal post I was able to finish LittleBigPlanet. I moved on to play some community games a bit but didn’t play too much. I wrote a full review of it here and on GameFAQs so I won’t go into more detail.
I bought Gears of War 2 soon after that and finished it after a couple days. It was really excellent. I had a lot of fun, and it showed some awesome things that fans of the first game should be excited about. I haven’t yet played co-op or horde mode yet (or the regular multiplayer, but I don’t really care about that). I’m looking forward to horde mode sometime soon and possibly attempting co-op on Insane mode with my roommate Collin.
I bought Eets on Steam because it was really, really cheap. It also wasn’t very good. Also, I got around to playing The Ship, which is a Source game in which you’re on a ship and are tasked with killing another player while avoiding getting killed yourself. It’s a first person shooter, but you have to find various weapons hidden on the ship. There are other items on the ship you have to find to take care of your various needs that are similar to the needs you have in The Sims. I haven’t yet played this multiplayer either, but the single player was very enjoyable although buggy.
I’ve been playing a lot of Team Fortress 2 again. Hopefully the first Heavy weapon will be unlocked soon! I’m looking forward to getting his new weapons. I’m not sure why I didn’t put more time into this when the Heavy update was first released. I also picked up Wrath of the Lich King and have been spending some time gaining achievements and PVPing. We’ll start leveling soon (maybe).
Animal Crossing: City Folk also came out recently. It doesn’t have much new from the DS version, and I wish the camera would zoom out more. However, it did implement a few nice features such as being able to change tools without going to the inventory menu. All in all, I’m happy with the improvements even if they were minor. I played online with Gabby and Jon last night, which was fun. You still have to jump through friend code hoops to play online, but it wasn’t too bad. We didn’t get the Wii Speak microphone, but USB keyboards worked wonderfully. There’s an on-screen keyboard you can use with the Wiimote, and I was afraid that using a USB keyboard would still make the on-screen one appear. It doesn’t. Just a small chat line appears at the bottom. I’m very impressed that Nintendo was able to implement this! I’ve never used a keyboard in a console game before except to name characters in RPGs, save files, and assorted things in Viva Piñata, all on the 360. Way to go Nintendo for doing something that consoles needed before the other consoles! Of course, I know some other games have supported keyboards; I’ve just never played any. Also, I guess most FPS games on the other consoles are too involved to have a player put down the controller to use a keyboard.
Lastly, I finally finished Azure Dreams (a PS1 game) on my PSP. I’ve been meaning to finish this since middle school! It was pretty fulfilling. Azure Dreams always reminds me of another RPG I played around the same time that I never finished called Thousand Arms. In it, you date girls to increase your intimacy with them and then use that intimacy to forge stronger weapons. I put that on my PSP last night and just started. Hopefully I can finish that too!