Christmas Games

The title of this entry is misleading. I only played one Christmas game this week, the Loco Roco Christmas Demo. I run through it every Christmas, and it’s always enjoyable! Besides that, it’s been a weird week of game choices. I’ve been putting most of my time into Grand Theft Auto IV. I’ve played about 10 hours and am about 20% of the way into the game. It’s really enjoyable! Besides this game, I’ve opened gifts in World of Warcraft, played about 10 minutes of Sonic Chronicles, and played iPhone games. Warfare Incorporated was finally released for the iPhone recently. I loved that game on the Palm and have been enjoying playing it again. It’s a great RTS, and the iPhone version allows you to download new mission packs right from the game. There’s also a level editor available on PC. Another cool game I found was Space Deadbeef. It was created by Yuji Yasuhara, who has developed previous shmups. It’s short but very good!