Space Deadbeef Not Worthy of GameFAQs

Apparently GameFAQs thinks Space Deadbeef is not worthy of being on its site. I cross-post most WebPageless game reviews onto GameFAQs as well. However, Space Deadbeef wasn’t listed. I submitted data for the game, and it took over a week for them to reject it, saying I needed to submit proof. The data you submitted needs to be confirmed. Please provide a link to an official or reputable web site that confirms this submission’s accuracy. Funny, when I submitted data for UBeat it didn’t need any proof.
I submitted again with links to the Apple Store. They rejected it again, with a message that made me angrier. GameFAQs normally lists only commercially released games, with a few exceptions for very popular non-commercial titles. The game you submitted does not meet those requirements at this time.
GameFAQs has Chex Quest in its database. It was free, but yes, it was popular. It also has Codename: Gordon, the Steam game that was removed from Steam’s listings because the game has a link to the developer’s website in it, and that site is now some sort of porn or piracy site. The only way to install it is with a direct link, and I don’t think Codename: Gordon was very popular. Maybe I’m wrong though. I did enjoy the game.
GameFAQs also has Aegis Wing, a free horizontal scrolling shooter for XBLA, in its database. I don’t think that was very popular either, but I guess the 360 is pretty popular. But GameFAQs even has Yaris in its database. Yaris is a horrible advertisement game created by Toyoto to promote its Yaris car. It was a bad XBLA game that I’ve tried. It was horrible. Horrible by every evaluation.
Space Deadbeef is free game for the iPhone, which might not have numbers like other consoles but is still pretty popular. That said, it’s one of the few games that’s really a game. It’s one of the few that prove that the iPhone can actually be a gaming platform. People were promoting it as a gaming platform when the App Store first opened and bad versions of Monkey Ball and Bomberman were available. Now that an actually interesting game from a known and talented (although maybe not well known in the West) developer is in the App Store, GameFAQs refuses to list it simply because it’s free? It seems stupid to me that they’re hurting this game’s reputation because the developer chose to give it away for free. Please, if anyone reads this and has an iPhone, at least give it a download and try it.