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Questionable Content

Linh-Nam introduced me to a webcomic called Questionable Content (that he learned about from William). He described it as Love Hina but more realistic and with anthropomorphic computers, nerdiness, and indie music.
That’s pretty accurate.
I really like this one.

Sweet Potato Fries

(4:49:35 PM) and sweet potato fries
(4:49:38 PM) wow those are great
(4:49:48 PM) Linh-Nam Vu: sounds gross lol
(4:50:10 PM) Linh-Nam Vu: i only like potatoes in fry form
(4:50:19 PM) These are in fry form!
(4:50:31 PM) Linh-Nam Vu: errr the only thing in fry form i like are potatoes
(4:50:37 PM) lol
(4:50:41 PM) these are potatoes!
(4:50:44 PM) Linh-Nam Vu: …
(4:50:47 PM) Linh-Nam Vu: /facepalm
(4:50:48 PM) haha

The Select Button and GAF Collections

The Criterion Collection is a company that releases definitive, collector’s editions of films. They specialize in artistic and obscure films and are also known for the high quality box art. Reminiscent of this, NeoGAF created box art for various video games in the style of the Criterion Collection. I put one of my favorites above, Dr. Mario, created by somnific. SelectButton decided to do this too. One of my favorites is Chu Chu Rocket, created by vision.

New Tracker

On May 7, 2009, I upgraded by tracker on WebPageless. I had been using my old one since August 14, 2003. That’s almost six years with that tracker! Anyways, for a long time it had been obsolete because of newer versions. I have no idea why the tracker I was using wanted to be upgraded, but it did.


I’ve had 33817 unique hits to WebPageless. (I’m not actually sure what a “unique” hit is.) I’ve had 58675 hits total counting reloads.
The highest day was January 18, 2005 with 119 hits. The average day had 16 hits. The highest week was week 3 of 2005 with 551 hits. On average, I got 110 hits per week. The highest month was January of 2005 with 2319 hits. On average I get 476 hits per month. Compare that to 14 hits the day before I switched, 75 hits the week before I switched, and 240 the month before I switched. You can tell WebPageless is a lot less popular.

What searches lead people to WebPageless? Apparently “ragnarok,” “online,” “webpageless,” “the,” and “bots,” mostly. Each of those keywords were used over 100 times. I can assure you that as of lately, phrases “biggest carrot” and “UCI Science Library vagina” have been quite popular.

Lastly, who links to WebPageless the most? Well, WebPageless does. In order of most referrals, the sites are WebPageless, Google, three more WebPageless addresses, another Google address, and then three more WebPageless addresses. gave me the tenth most referrals! Too bad that’s down now. Of course, I don’t really talk to its owner now anyways. Skipping other WebPageless, Google, and bwaht addresses, VersionTwo is next at slot 19. is at slot 25. Finally, is at slot 28. They liked that I had pictures of “sad Hitler in snow” drawn by William. They were based on a joke from MegaTokyo. Then there’s a bunch more redundant referrers along with Facebook way down the list. Yay!
Here‘s a .rar of screenshots of all the pages of the tracker.

Papers and Presentations

Papers and Presentations sounds like the evil twin of Dungeons & Dragons. Anyways, I’m making an effort to post more.
I had a six page paper on video game consoles due Tuesday night that as of Tuesday night, I hadn’t really started. Usually the teacher is fine with assignments getting submitted anytime before he or the TA goes to look at them, and the TA wasn’t going to look at them until Wednesday morning. I stayed up all night writing a paper about the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii. It was fairly interesting actually. I had forty-something sources, but they were all web sites. I talked with Corey and Casey over Facebook about how we were all working on our papers. After finishing at around 6:00, I got to start my next assignment.

In my Classics class, each person has to do one “criticism forum.” For this assignment, I had to read a paper about how spectacle in ancient Greek novels represented political commentary about the Roman empire. I read the article and then wrote a few hundred words on it. It wasn’t anywhere near as stressful as the other paper.
I slept around 7:30 and woke up around 1:00. In Classics that day I had to talk about my post for a few minutes. That’s not really graded though; the assignment is the writing. We just talk about it in class as well. I talked for about thirty seconds before the professor started talking and let me stop. I think she could tell I was nervous. Actually, I wasn’t so much nervous as I was simply as a loss for what to talk about.
Today I had to present that video game paper. It was just a three to four minute presentation. I was kind of nervous. I know this instructor marks down for each “um” or “uh” stammered, for going over time, and for the normal not presenting ideas clearly. I got a perfect score! I was pretty surprised.
After class we went to Kaisen! I ate thirteen plates worth of food. I’m very full.

Six PageCSE 181CW Paper Due Tonight

Me: 50% off grade if turned in after midnight
Corey: Really?
Me: No, lol. He didn’t mention a time at all. I know I won’t be done before midnight!
Corey: Haha i knew that didnt sound right. But you did make me open up word and think about starting.


I’m bored in class again! I’m taking two other classes that I didn’t talk about last time – Game Development and an AI project course. Both ofthese classes are project courses, and both worry me.
In my AI project course, I’m working with gem, the Kubos, and Ethan. We’re creating AI algorithms to play the game of Battleships. I feel like we’re pretty behind. We’ve yet to combine code at all. I’ve been working on the actual algorthms, but until I get the file reader/writer and main game loop, I can’t really test my algorithms.

Game Development is worrying me too. Here at UCI I’m working with gem, Ethan, and a person I met in class named Tony. They’re all programmers. In addition, we’re working woth a group of artists from the Paguna College of Art and Design. Our planning has gone great. We know what we want to make. Art design is coming along well. I’ve been impressed with the concept art Ive seen so far, but we haven’t finalzed by designs yet. We’re meeting this Saturday for the first one to really discuss things.
We’re just getting started on the prgramming for it though. It’s due in about five weeks, which is not very far from now. By that time it needs to be playable, but we don’t really need it to be complete. It should have one level, a small selection of enemies, etc. After the class ends, I’d like to continue working on it. I know most of the artists feel the same way; I don’t know about the other prgrammers though.


Class is pretty boring, so maybe this would be a good time to actually update the blog with something personal. This is so much more boring than gaming posts I think. I feel like this stuff doesn’t really matter. Plus, people are either close enough to me that they don’t need to read it or distant enough that they don’t need to know. Of course, this is only read by William, who probably already knows, and James, who probably doesn’t care.

My position at MeridianLink ends soon (in three and a half weeks)! I started on May 13, 2008, so I’ll have been there for a year this time next week. I worked on my resume a bunch and went to the career fair a few weeks ago. I haven’t found much though. I was nervous before the career fair, but it was really nothing. A lot of the companies were pretty disappointing. We looked them all up ahead of time. Some of the companies that had software development positions opened didn’t know anything about those positions at the career fair. They were there only looking for particular positions even though their companies’ web sites listed multiple positions. There were also quite a few places that didn’t accept resumes and didn’t have much information. They simply told me to read their job listings on their site and apply there. If that’s the case, why come? There were also some places that I thought would have positions but that only had positions tangentially related. Of the remaining places, a good portion of them were only on the East Coast. Some were places that I didn’t really care about, but the NSA, CIA, IRS were interesting and all based on the East Coast. The NSA or CIA would be tempting, but I’m probably not qualified for something so competitive. I gave my resume out a lot though!
The most exciting company there was ArenaNet, the creator of Guild Wars. They weren’t listed in the documentation that was given out ahead of time, so seeing ArenaNet was a surprise. They also had no signs, banners, or anything. Just one table with a paper taped to it with their name (to specify to the companies where to set up), and one woman. I wanted to put off seeing them until the end because I was nervous and wanted the experience of talking to other companies. Near the end I saw the ArenaNet representative get up and begin to leave. I rushed over to talk to her, and she was more than happy to sit back down and talk a little. I think they were primarily looking for web development, which I’ve done at MeridianLink! I also expressed my interest in game development, and she took my resume.
I received an email from ArenaNet recently asking for code samples. They want a few thousand lines of my best work. I’m not sure what to give as a sample though. I feel like most of the Java work I’ve done at UCI is small and more of an excercise than anything important. I haven’t done too much programming in years besides my AI class last quarter and my classes this quarter. Off the top of my head, the only classes I took in the last two years that had a lot of programming were AI and signals classes using MATLAB programming. I don’t think MATLAB would be the best language to show, and I didn’t do very well in those classes anyways. My AI project from last quarter didn’t work well either. Regardless, Java isn’t even my strongest language anymore, and that’s what the majority of my UCI programming has been. My strongest is now C#, and all of my C# code is owned by MeridianLink. I’ll have to use what I learned at MeridianLink to code something up from scratch. ArenaNet said it doesn’t have to compile and run; it just needs to show my skill.
My Classics class is the first Classics class I’ve taken that I didn’t enjoy. It’s also the first Classics class I’ve taken that was a Comparative Literature class colisted as Classics. I think the professor is a Comparative Literature professor and part of the Classics department too. It’s interesting to be reading Ancient Greek novels, but I don’t really enjoy the class very much.
Senior Design is alright. The class is alright, but sometimes the lectures feel lengthy. The class does meet twice a week from 7:00 PM to 8:50 PM, so that’s probably a contributing factor. The teacher randomly calls on people though, which makes me nervous.
Okay that’s all. Now I’m at home and not so bored, so this post doesn’t get to be finished. Be glad I’m posting what I am.