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Oh God

I’m tired.
I just tried upgrading my MovableType installation. Mind you, I was tired when I started this. I actually, really wanted to sleep hours ago but got caught up in something. MT is currently at 4.x. I’m running 2.661. First I made a backup of all my files by downloading everything over FTP. Then I exported my entries and went through the upgrade process. Eventually I realized that the new MT only supports real databases, not the BerkeleyDB system I was using. That’s fine, and I really should upgrade to use sql. However, I didn’t have time for that before AX so I decided to restore MT. I put everything back the way it was but couldn’t login. Apparently there were no blogs or authors in my MT at all. I went to look at my backup; in my sleepiness I did not actually export the entries at all.
Eventually I realized I had just uploaded everything as ASCII. I reuploaded it correctly, and everything’s back to normal. I’m going to go export everything now to be on the safe side.

Eight Hour Warsong Gulch Match

Eight Hour Warsong Gulch Match, originally uploaded by theuser.

I joined a match of Warsong Gulch around 11:10 PM last night. Somewhere
around 11:30 or 11:40, Koldstyle of Ner’zhul, the flag carrier, left the
battle. I don’t know if he meant to or if he got disconnected. Rather than
dropping, the flag simply disappeared. The game thought we had it, but no
one actually had it. We couldn’t cap, but neither could the Alliance. I
stayed in that match for eight hours. I talked with a lot of great people


(2:04:24 PM) William Long: Whoa
(2:04:26 PM) William Long: Calm down peter
(2:04:35 PM) William Long: I’m trying to seduce you D:
(2:04:45 PM) ITS WORKING
(2:04:55 PM) William Long: lol
(2:04:59 PM) William Long: I forgot the not
(2:05:11 PM) hahaha