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CFC Application

I know I might like to see my CFC guild application in the future, and WebPageless is my personal filing cabinet. I’ll post it here.

Character Name
Level (Numeric Please)
Please list any other characters on this server
Some low level bank alts but nothing worth playing.
Times you are able to play? (Please use server time and be specific or your app will not be considered)
3 PM until 3 AM or so. I don’t really have any other time commitments in my life. I’d prefer to do serious playing from around 7 PM until midnight though.
List previous guilds and why you quit your last guild
My current guild is Playground Justice. I’m quitting because Carpe Flux Capacitor continually steals our members.
Do you have prior raiding experience? (include pre-BC raiding experience)
Nope! I’ve PUG’d old, classic & BC stuff but only post 3.0.
What is your favorite boss fight in the game and why? Please be specific and thoughtful in your answer.
I really enjoyed Forgemaster Garfrost as well as Krick and Ick, both from Pit of Saron. The Icecrown 5-mans were the first new content to be released since I turned 80. As such, it was the first time I ever got a chance to run an instance without having everybody else already know how to do it. My guild purposely avoided reading anything about the fights so we could learn them together. Neither fight is terribly difficult, but they require you to know when to hide behind a boulder or run away. I also enjoyed the epicness of the Lich King encounter in Halls of Reflection, the music during Bronjahm, and the coordination needed in Magtheridon’s Lair. Magtheridon’s Lair was my first raid, which I pugged at 68 (with 80s in the group of course). It needed more coordination that anything I had seen previously and also showed me that most people in PUGs don’t read about the fight ahead of time and refuse to listen about any cubes that may need channeling.
Post and describe your talent build and place a link to your Armory profile here
I’m a disc priest and am using a 57/14/0 build. My Armory is … nd+Justice. The second spec is my PVE spec. I dipped into Holy to get Holy Spec for the crit, Divine Fury for the reduced cast times, Inspiration, and one point of Improved Renew.
Are you able to use Ventrilo, Omen and Deadly Boss Mods/Big Wigs?
I have Ventrilo and currently have Omen and Big Wigs installed. I could install DBM if needed.
How did you hear about us, and why do you want to join us? (If there are any, please list people from the guild that referred you)
I heard about CFC through Calabrand and Ankt, both friends of mine. They spoke very highly of the guild, and I’d really like to raid. After running all of the heroics, raiding is the next logical step. I wanted to find a guild in which I could progress, taking the raids seriously while still having a good time. It’s also important that I find a guild that won’t be upset that I don’t want obligations in WoW 16 hours per day, seven days per week.
Tell us something about yourself in real life. Include Real Life name and age (Can be long or short as you’d like)
My name’s Peter, and I’m 23 from Irvine, CA. I just finished studying Computer Science and Engineering at UC Irvine.
Please give a brief outline of what you consider your job in a raid and how you could benefit the guild
My job in a raid would be to keep my assignment alive and pop off additional shields/heals if they’re needed and I’m able. Currently in heroics most of my healing is Power Word: Shield, Prayer of Mending, and Penance, with Greater Heal and Flash Heal occasionally and dispelling and disease curing as needed. My second spec is also disc but tailored for PVP. I enjoy Battlegrounds and Wintergrasp a lot; I hit 80 at 54 days played because I’d often spend months doing BGs without leveling. I specifically enjoy going after PVP achievements (although I like going after all achievements) and am looking forward to getting Battlemaster as soon as I get a handful of additional achievements and “of the Horde” when I get 62,213 more HKs (*sigh*). I enjoy world events, cooking, fishing for Old Ironjaw with the nice Alliance members, and petting various pets and druids. I would be willing to respec although I’ve never been Holy, but I’m not willing to have two PVE specs.
Did you read the Raid and Guild rules found here and do you understand them?
I have read them and do understand them.

Yay World of Warcraft

It’s been about two weeks since my last Game Journal update, and I’ve been playing a lot of World of Warcraft. Last time I mentioned that I did the new instances, but I could only complete Halls of Reflection on normal. Since that time I did complete Halls of Reflection on heroic quite a few times. I finished buying all of my triumph PVE gear and moved on to purchasing some heirlooms. I recently realized that my T9 legs are an upgrade, so I need to purchase them. I PUG’d a lot for a while, but now it’s starting to get old. I just don’t need the Emblems of Triumph very badly. Yeah, I could use the PVP gear and more heirlooms, but the urgency isn’t there.

I’m trying to PVP a bit more. I was running heroics so much that I hardly had a chance to PVP for a while. I missed getting HKs! I still need another 61,000 or so honorable kills for my title.
I got the Merrymaker title the other day and a few pets! I got the pug pet for PUG’ing with 100 random people in random heroics. I also got Lil’ K.T. and the Pandaren Monk. I love all three! Lil’ K.T. loves to laugh at allies that I kill!
I joined Carpe Flux Capacitor on the 19th. They’re friendly, and I’m enjoying being in the guild! I feel a little bad for leaving Zenakusgrasp, but we’re still playing together. On Sunday I ran Trial of the Crusader (10 man) and Onyxia’s Lair (10 man) with them. Wow, it was so much fun! I got new bracers in ToC and a head piece in Ony. This Sunday I’m going to do Icecrown Citadel! I’m really excited but, surprisingly, not nervous. I was really, really, really nervous before ToC and Ony, but I guess I feel more confident and more prepared for ICC. Maybe I’ll feel more nervous when it’s closer to raid time though.

Ghosts Attack

My review of Ghosts Attack just got posted tonight. It was a fun game, and the atmosphere was really cool. It really reminds me of the feeling I got from The Journeyman Project (although none of you but William know what that is). Ghosts Attack is $4.99, but I received a review copy.

The Aquabats!

I saw The Aquabats play at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood on Friday, and it was so much fun! The five regulars, MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Jimmy The Robot, Ricky Fitness, and Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk, were all there, but two previous members, Chainsaw and Catboy, were there too! They played a bunch of songs I knew and loved including Red Sweater, Pool Party, Pizza Day, and a cover of Holiday Road.

When they played Attacked By Snakes a guy in a large snake costume came out and danced on stage. Later, between songs, Tortilla Man attacked! He knocked MC Bat Commander down and even pushed him off stage into the audience! MC Bat Commander considered calling the LAPD, the marines, or even Oprah, but in the end, Santa came on stage to hit Tortilla Man with his belly, defeating him.
When the show was done, they left the stage and a video played of them leaving. This was live, of course, and not prerecorded elsewhere… anyways they had trouble getting their car going, so they all got out to push. As the driver got out, he took off the emergency break. Guess what happened!? They pushed it easily but right into another car… and then their car caught fire! The Aquabats did what any responsible people would do – they ran back on stage to play more! They ended their show by playing a cover of Holiday Road with clips of Christmas Vacation playing on the screen. Multiple times it seemed like it was all over and they’d break into another chorus. They even brought a bunch of kids on stage to sing with them, letting them use the mics. It was really, really cool.
I should mention the opening bands – Supernova and Buck-O-Nine. Both bands were really entertaining. Supernova had metallic looking costumes, weird astronaut-like helmets, and foil covering their instruments. They passed out foil to the audience beforehand, but I’m not really sure why! We wore it on our heads.
The night was amazingly fun, but I was really sore from all the jumping and getting bumped. My throat hurt too a little from yelling and singing. Totally worth it though of course. On the way out, they passed out Aquabats CDs with two Christmas songs, including the Holiday Road cover. Very cool =D

Gaming Gaming Gaming

Most of my gaming has been World of Warcraft (as usual) and iPhone games. My last Game Journal post was 11/18, and I mentioned that I had left ChEeSeaNaTers and was worried that I wasn’t actually going to be playing much with my friends. Well, it worked out really well. We’re running stuff a lot and using Google Wave to stay coordinated. Patch 3.3, Fall of the Lich King, came out, and that’s going great. I’ve done all the new instances, but I could only do the last on normal. The new LFG system is wonderful, and I’m getting lots of emblems and having a good time. I have two T9 pieces (the only ones I’m going to buy) and am working on the other Triumph pieces.
I haven’t put any more time into inFamous, but I really should get back to it soon! I played Grand Theft Auto 1 off and on for a couple weeks but eventually stopped. I also haven’t played Warcraft III more at all. I really need to follow through with games, heh.

LittleBigPlanet for PSP came out! It’s a lot of fun. I’m not too far into it yet, but I’m still working at it when I get a chance. The gameplay is pretty much identical to the original. It’s great!
I’ve been reviewing iPhone games for Game-Boyz, so I’ve played a few of those. One of the “games” I was asked to review was iMEvil – OverLord 2 Edition Video Game SoundBoard, which ended up not being a game. Next I got Judgment Day War, a strategy game involving capturing bases with armies. It’s kind of like RISK, only much, much shorter, lol. It was a lot of fun. I submitted my review today, and it should be up soon. I also tried out Waze, a GPS application that keeps score, similar to SETI. Again, not really a game. Finally I played this hack ‘n slash called Twin Blades that was cute and a lot of fun. It also supports a system called OpenFeint, which is an XBL-like service for iPhone games, complete with achievements, leaderboards, chatting, and more. This is the first game I’ve seen to support it, but it seems like a lot of games do. Hopefully I’ll have the review of Twin Blades done tomorrow.
There were a few other iPhone games that I’ve played just because I wanted to play them. Two are by the same company – Rat on the Run and Cows in Space. Rat on the Run is a platformer in which you can only control when the character jumps. Also, occasional things in the level will stop you, and you can control when to start running again and in what direction. It’s interesting because, while not extremely difficult, it requires precise timing to finish all the challenges. I’m still missing one. Cows in Space is a game involving shooting a ball from the bottom (like Bust-A-Move) at other balls, all of which can bounce around together. The goal is to make every cow disappear by being hit with a star ball. Some balls will make you lose if they touch a cow. It sounds dumb but is really fun. Lastly, Gunrazor is fun old-school shmup. I haven’t put too much time into it, but I do like that type of game. It’s supposed to use OpenFeint as well, but the achievements don’t unlock.

Waze Review

I reviewed Waze yesterday, 12/4, and it was posted today. Waze is a GPS application for the iPhone that uses data from its users to improve. It also keeps track of your improvements in the form of a point score. Waze is a free application. More information about my Game-Boyz reviews can be found here.