The Aquabats!

I saw The Aquabats play at the Henry Fonda in Hollywood on Friday, and it was so much fun! The five regulars, MC Bat Commander, Crash McLarson, Jimmy The Robot, Ricky Fitness, and Eagle “Bones” Falconhawk, were all there, but two previous members, Chainsaw and Catboy, were there too! They played a bunch of songs I knew and loved including Red Sweater, Pool Party, Pizza Day, and a cover of Holiday Road.

When they played Attacked By Snakes a guy in a large snake costume came out and danced on stage. Later, between songs, Tortilla Man attacked! He knocked MC Bat Commander down and even pushed him off stage into the audience! MC Bat Commander considered calling the LAPD, the marines, or even Oprah, but in the end, Santa came on stage to hit Tortilla Man with his belly, defeating him.
When the show was done, they left the stage and a video played of them leaving. This was live, of course, and not prerecorded elsewhere… anyways they had trouble getting their car going, so they all got out to push. As the driver got out, he took off the emergency break. Guess what happened!? They pushed it easily but right into another car… and then their car caught fire! The Aquabats did what any responsible people would do – they ran back on stage to play more! They ended their show by playing a cover of Holiday Road with clips of Christmas Vacation playing on the screen. Multiple times it seemed like it was all over and they’d break into another chorus. They even brought a bunch of kids on stage to sing with them, letting them use the mics. It was really, really cool.
I should mention the opening bands – Supernova and Buck-O-Nine. Both bands were really entertaining. Supernova had metallic looking costumes, weird astronaut-like helmets, and foil covering their instruments. They passed out foil to the audience beforehand, but I’m not really sure why! We wore it on our heads.
The night was amazingly fun, but I was really sore from all the jumping and getting bumped. My throat hurt too a little from yelling and singing. Totally worth it though of course. On the way out, they passed out Aquabats CDs with two Christmas songs, including the Holiday Road cover. Very cool =D