Monthly Archives: February 2010

I got her!

[1.Local]: Smoother Dungeon Finding for all?
Dischordant:The note about dueling away from PvE mobs is a good one. I remember dueling a friend of mine in Durotar (both of us 80), and she agroed one of the little level 5 scorpions just as the duel ended, with her on 1 HP. As amusing as it was to see a level 80 killed by a level 5 mob, it’s something to watch out for. 😛
Panduh: I bet it made that scorpion’s day!
*scorpid runs back to all his friends screaming, “I GOT HER! I GOT HER!”*

Rock of the Dead

Wii to fret over ‘Rock of the Dead’
This must be the most amazing game announcement ever. Rock of the Dead looks like a zombie light-gun shooter except that each zombie has Guitar Hero type tabs on them. Play the notes with your guitar to kill the zombie.
Not so amazing?
The main character is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.
Also some girl is in it.