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I got her!

[1.Local]: Smoother Dungeon Finding for all?
Dischordant:The note about dueling away from PvE mobs is a good one. I remember dueling a friend of mine in Durotar (both of us 80), and she agroed one of the little level 5 scorpions just as the duel ended, with her on 1 HP. As amusing as it was to see a level 80 killed by a level 5 mob, it’s something to watch out for. 😛
Panduh: I bet it made that scorpion’s day!
*scorpid runs back to all his friends screaming, “I GOT HER! I GOT HER!”*

Rock of the Dead

Wii to fret over ‘Rock of the Dead’
This must be the most amazing game announcement ever. Rock of the Dead looks like a zombie light-gun shooter except that each zombie has Guitar Hero type tabs on them. Play the notes with your guitar to kill the zombie.
Not so amazing?
The main character is voiced by Neil Patrick Harris.
Also some girl is in it.

Skornn-Blackrock, Worst PUG’d Tank Ever

Let me tell you a tale about how the worst PUG’d tank ever in a LFD group
turned our run into the most fun run ever! I queue with Amik and Mooglegem
for a random heroic. After a few minutes of waiting, we find a tank and
another dps, click accept, and find ourselves in Utgarde Keep! At this point
I’m excited, because I need a holiday drop off Prince Keleseth.
I begin doing some buffs but held off on my mass buffs because Mooglegem
hasn’t loaded. I’m very low on mana though, so I sit down to drink. Before I
am even at a third mana (and before Mooglegem loads), our tank, Skornn
from Blackrock pulls. This immediately makes me annoyed, but I
always try to tell myself, "well, we’re overgeared. I’ll just keep drinking
a bit and then catch up." Well, he runs into the next hallway and pulls a
few more mobs. He’s really close to dying before Mooglegem loads, and I just
barely keep us up. Our PUG’d DPSer drops the group. I don’t really blame
him, but I hope it isn’t because he thought I wasn’t good.
The tank pulls the next group. I’m still not near full mana, but I have
about half, and Mooglegem is with us. Then we enter the furnace room in
which you go counter-clockwise around (before the room with the drakes). He
pretty much pulls the full room. Our new DPSer joins the group but is still
loading. In the drake room, he again pulls the whole room just as the
paladin DPSer reaches the group. We almost wipe but manage to survive. Then
things are a little better approaching Prince Keleseth. The fight goes well,
and the Ebon Bouquet drops, which Mooglegem wins! Yay!
Then there’s a few bad pulls. We’re alive, but I’m very annoyed. In private,
Amik, Mooglegem, and I are angry. The paladin stops moving. We keep going. I
try to drink, but Skornn pulls again. I catch up and try to keep everyone
up, but I get killed. Then Amik dies. Now I’m hoping Skornn dies. And he
does! Sadly, Mooglegem dies too.
Okay. Now I’m expecting an argument, but no one says anything. We all run
back. Now I notice the paladin, Kimfar, is offline. I completely understand.
In fact, I’m kind of happy. Now it’s just us and Skornn. If I decide to let
him wipe for being stupid, I’m not hurting some innocent DPSer. As we make
our way to the next boss, Skornn suddenly stops. This is very odd for him.
Then I get a vote to kick Kimfar. We vote no and continue. He still doesn’t
say anything.
Eventually we find our way at the next boss. You can see this in the
screenshot. Amik says, "You gotta admire his resolve to never say a word"
right before Skornn says "kick this paly." As long as we’re talking about
the screenshot, note that Skornn’s gearscore is 5802. That’s very high! He’s
very overgeared for heroic UK. I know he just wants his Emblems of Frost.
Still, I find that overgeared tanks can sometimes be the worst tank. He
calls for a vote to kick Kimfar again, but we vote no. He says "…" and
pulls. We wonder in party chat why we’re not kicking Kimfar, pretending not
to know. I’m sure Skornn knows though.
Then we continue through the instance. Nothing exciting happens for a while.
He continues to be a horrible tank, never waiting for the group, never
waiting for mana, and losing aggro to the other group members. Nearing the
end, Amik suggests we kick Skornn before the final boss and says he can
tank. Great! After the last mob, we try to kick him. We can’t kick during
loot rolls. Fine! But Skornn is running for the boss. Now we can’t kick
right after combat! Skornn reaches the boss, and Ingvar the Plunderer begins
yelling. Finally the kick goes through! Skornn fades out, Ingvar resets, and
we rejoice as we wait for Ingvar the Plunderer to respawn. Then Amik
switches specs, we all make sure everyone else is ready, and we pull. It’s a
nice pull, and everything goes well. One tank, one healer, and one DPS, and
no arrogant idiots!
That was Skornn, S-k-o-r-n-n, of the guild Volatile from the Blackrock-US

Sonic 4 Intro

Sonic 4
There’s an Intro section on the official Sonic 4 website now with the background story of Sonic 4. There’s no direct link, but click “Intro” under “Game Info” on the upper left of the site to see it. The site recaps the story for Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, and Sonic & Knuckles.
Basically, the story is that in Sonic 1 Dr. Eggman turns animals into robots on South Island in an attempt to collect the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic defeats Dr. Eggman in Final Zone. Then, in Sonic 2, Dr. Eggman tries to create the Death Egg. Sonic and Tails fight him on West Side Island and the Death Egg, defeating him. Immediately after, in Sonic 3, the Death Egg falls on Angel Island, which was floating in the air, causing it to crash into the sea. Angel Island held the Master Emerald. Knuckles steals the Chaos Emeralds because Dr. Eggman convinced him that Sonic was after the Master Emerald. Dr. Eggman repairs the Death Egg, but Sonic and Tails blow it up again. It crumbles back down on Angel Island. Finally, in Sonic & Knuckles, Dr. Eggman has EggRobo attack Knuckles because he no longer needs him. Dr. Eggman then steals the Master Emerald and launches the Death Egg again. Knuckles pursues EggRobo, and Sonic pursues Dr. Eggman. Sonic saves the Master Emerald and returns it to Knuckles and Angel Island, allowing the island to float again. Now Dr. Eggman prepares to fight Sonic once more.
For anyone who cares about the Sonic story (which most likely isn’t anyone reading this), this is interesting for a few reasons. It seems that the Sonic 4 story is disregarding every game besides Sonic 1,2,3, and S&K. Also, there’s no mention of the Super Emeralds. There used to be confusion about why Knuckles thought Sonic took the Chaos Emeralds when they hadn’t been on Angel Island, but they took that part out as well. It’s the simplest explanation and is what I expected, but it’s interesting to see it.’s editorial on the Ensidia ban

Editorial: Thoughts on the Ensidia ban
Dawn Moore provides well written and informative editorial on the recent Ensidia ban. I haven’t done the research she has, and of course, no one but Ensidia really knows what happened and what their motivations were. Assuming Dawn was correct in her facts, I agree with most of her deductions. Given that information, it seems to me that the Ensidia members did deserve the 72-hour ban. That said, I can’t blame them for using the exploit.


My brother informed me today that WebPageless has been blocked at his high school. When he viewed more information on the block, he found that they consider it pornography.

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Q&A – Xbox 360 Previews at GameSpot
SEGA of America announced that GameSpot would be revealing Project Needlemouse at midnight tonight (12:00 AM 2/4), and they certainly did! It’s actual title is Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 1, and it going to be downloadable on all three consoles. The versions will be near identical, but the Wii’s will be 480p while the other two will be 1080p. Also, certain parts will take advantage of the Wii motion controls and the PS3’s Sixaxis. I don’t really want any motion control, but I think I’ll go with PS3 just to have the nice d-pad. I’m really excited about this! Sonic 4 will be out this summer.

Quickloading Degrades Game World

Sometimes I Finish Games Too: ???
“It might be kind of interesting to play a game where quickloading was allowed to undo decisions you’ve made, but it starts gradually making the gameworld more and more unstable, and your avatar slowly starts to remember the actions he’s undone and has a hard time reconciling them with the current reality until he just goes completely insane and the player slowly loses control of the protagonist, as the protagonist rejects the player’s intrusion on his life. It might not go over well with players though.”
Such a cool idea. I thought it’d be cool to play a game in which you live the same day over and over, but things you do repeatedly begin to make a lasting change. In the game, you’d be solving a murder. I have no idea why I thought that was a great topic.


The Backloggery – TheUser’s Backloggery

The Backloggery is an interesting site for gamers who are obsessive like I am. You use it to track your backlog! In other words, it catalogs your game collection and tracks which games you still need to finish. It also groups compilations together (grouping SMB 1, 2, 3, and Lost Levels as four different games all under Super Mario All-Stars, for example), which is quite handy, and records the original platform of each game. I just finished entering all 643 of my games into the system!

Order of the Rose

Order of the Rose
This guild sounds amazing. Order of the Rose is on the Feathermoon (RP) realm. Order of the Rose focuses on role-playing. They hold a lot of different events, including the annual Rose Ball. It sounds really interesting! Feathermoon has a lot of other cool role-playing activities too it seems. I didn’t do a lot of research or anything on this, so I’m not implying the this guild is the best at RPing or that the realm has the most RP activities. It just seemed really interesting!