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Game Boyz Rate of Previews

Has anyone noticed how much coverage gaming sites like Joystiq and IGN are doing of E3 still? Very little? Yes, because E3 has been over for a while. Unfortunately, I still have a lot of stories to write about E3. Also, it has seemed strange to me that Kirby complained about how busy Trevor and he was at E3, yet I hardly see any posts from people besides me.
As it turns out, they think I’m posting too fast despite the fact that I’m posting one or two day per day as Trevor suggested. Kirby now wants me to post one preview every two or three days. The problem is that my previews of Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1, Pac-Man Battle Royale, and Epic Mickey have pushed the preview of “high profile” games like EA Sports NBA Elite 11 to the bottom of the preview page. I thought I was doing the world a favor by pushing that down anyways. I posted two previews on the 27th, one on the 26th, one on the 23rd, and one on the 22nd. I wasn’t really going that fast.
I guess I’ll slow down though. The site was going to down today for upgrades, but that’s been pushed to tomorrow. I guess that means I can post on the 5th after I’m back from Anime Expo. Well everyone, if you want to read up-to-the-minute up-to-the-day up-to-the-week up-to-the-couple-months coverage of E3, we have you covered.

1000th Entry!

This is the 1000th post using this blogging system! The older content, known as Monthly Stuff and Fuzzy Journal, aren’t even on the site now. I find the first entry from 4/16/2004 kind of funny. I must have been testing Movable Type.
I used my first tracker for 2049 days. I had 33817 unique visitors with an average of 16 per day. The keyword in searches that led people to WebPageless the most was “ragnarok.” I’ve been using my second tracker for 407 days now. I have 2325 unique visitors with an average of 5 per day. Now my most common keyword is “graal.” It’s funny that both are related to games, but I actually don’t even play Graal Online. I write about World of Warcraft a lot more, so that’s a little surprising.
My most used category is “Journal” followed by “Gaming.” Lately I’ve been writing a lot less here though. With all the writing I’ve been doing on Game-Boyz, there has been less content for me to put here. That’s a little sad, but WebPageless is still pretty important to me. I don’t really care that there aren’t a lot of people reading. I enjoy writing. WebPageless also holds information for me. Posting helps me organize my thoughts and ideas, and the site itself is useful for me when I want to find information I posted previously.
I know I’m going to continue to post a lot on Game-Boyz. In fact, I hope I post more if they bring me on staff. However, I also want to find time to post here on WebPageless more often again. It’s hard sometimes though because everyday journal posts are incredibly boring when nothing’s actually happening. Well, we’ll see if I do post more. What I do know is that WebPageless isn’t going anywhere any time soon! To the people that do read, thanks!

Anime Expo 2010

Anime Expo is less than a week away! We check in next Wednesday and the expo is Thursday through Sunday! I’m sure we’re gonna have a great time. I’m not really sure how ticketing works for everything though. Things are kind of confusing on the site. I guess that’s usual for AX though. They’re always incredibly disorganized, and it gets worse every year. I really want to see Last Comic Standing and AX Idol. I’m not as interested in the AMV contest as everyone else, but it’s fun, and I know my friends want to see it too. I don’t know what exactly I’m most looking excited about. I think it’s just the atmosphere and seeing people in cosplay. At E3 there was lots of cool stuff to see, but I constantly had to rush around. It’ll be nice to have things to do without having to be in a hurry.
And this year I think I’ll meet my goal of not spending any money! Sadly it’s because I don’t have any!