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I had a fun day at work today. I picked up my paycheck and worked at the cash regster most of the day. I did some stickering but mostly stayed up front with Jason and John. Jason talked to and helped me quite a bit. He’s pretty cool.
Before work I listened to the Joystiq Podcast and had a turkey, chipotle, and cheese sandwich and pepsi. And after I got off work? Pizza pretzel and pepsi! I’m listening to the Joystiq Podcast too!

LK 25 and Halion 25 Down

LK 25 and Halion 25 Down, originally uploaded by theuser.

Saturday night a handful of CFC members, including gem and me, joined
MOONSHINE in downing Arthas in Icecrown Citadel 25 and Halion in Ruby
Sanctum 25! I wasn’t expecting this progression for quite a while! Of
course, there’s always more to do. HM ICC 10 and 25 would be great, as
would achievements for the drake. Ulduar clear and ToGC are also high
on my list of things to do! I’m super happy I got Arthas down in 25
though. MOONSHINE has some great people, and I’m glad they brought us.

Nook Training, Plumtree, The Young Veins

Today was my last day of training at Barnes & Noble. I worked at the Nook kiosk today. I like the idea of the Nook, but I think I’d rather have an all-in-one device like my iPhone honestly. I met Keith, a manager who was on vacation previously, so that was cool. I also met a number of other people. I spent a few hours with Luke, who works the Nook kiosk a lot it seems. Everyone’s incredibly friendly at Barnes & Noble, so that’s nice. I’m really glad I already knew some people there. I bought a children’s book after work and spent some time talking with Paris.
I’ve listened to almost the entire catalog of Plumtree music now. The only recording of their first album that I could find was a rip of a cassette tape someone made. It was never released on CD or online. It’s pretty interesting since they were so young. I’m enjoying the music. There’s one album left that I haven’t listened to yet. I also listened to The Young Vein’s album that came out in June. Amazing that two of the members are former Panic! at the Disco members. The Young Veins sound so much different. I really like Panic, but I’m liking The Young Veins too.