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Conclave of Wind and Chimaeron

Conclave of Wind and Chimaeron, originally uploaded by theuser.

Last night we downed the Conclave of Wind and Chimaeron, putting us at
3/6 BWD N, 2/4 BoT N, and 1/2 TotFW N, half way through the normal
difficulty content. They were both fairly interesting fights I
thought. Staying so split up for the Conclave of Wind was interesting,
even though Elizabeth and I just hung out on one platform for the
majority of the fight. It was fun though! And it was fun chatting
during low points of the fight. The Skywall is gorgeous, and I love
being there.
One platform gave a stacking debuff that you’d clear by going to a
different platform for a period of time, but you also wanted to be on
that platform at a certain time. I was annoyed that people had trouble
understanding that some people, by nature of when we were telling them
to initially go to that platform, did not have time to go at the
designated time, get stacks, leave, drop stacks, and get back in time
for the next designated time. Eventually we changed strategies that
allowed them to start on that platform earlier, giving them time to
leave and get back in time for split-damage AOE, and that worked well.
But of course, the super awesome team consisting of me and Elizabeth
was awesome anyways.
Chimaeron went really smoothly once Corey and I were actually focusing
on different groups rather than accidentally healing the same group.
This fight has a mechanic that forces all incoming attacks on players
that are over 10K health to bring the player to 1 HP at the least. In
other words, they might be higher than 1 HP, but it won’t kill them as
long as they’re over 10K. This makes it interesting because people
only need to be at 10K HP or above, not anywhere near topped off on
health, which also means that I can spend ridiculous amounts of mana
actually using Flash Heal, my fast but inefficient heal, because I
only need to quickly get them to 10K.
So far, I’m loving the difficulty of Cataclysm raids I think. We’re
making progress every night. Most fights (not all) have still provided
a challenge during which we wipe repeatedly, which is of course good
because I want to work for kills. But I like that we’re still
progressing each night. I don’t want to raid nightly, and I don’t want
to be super hardcore, but I do want to see these raids to the end. I
haven’t seen what others are saying about the current tier or raiding,
so I’m not sure if the consensus is that it’s easy or how it compared
to the start of Wrath. Remember that I only started raiding in 3.3.
Hardcore raiders who want more of a challenge have heroic mode
anyways, so I feel like having normal mode be at a pace that actually
let’s us move through it without weeks spent at the same boss is good.

Poison Lady

Allow me to whisk you away to a strange world where doctors and lawyers are out to get you. I wish this was a fictional encounter; While I am paraphrasing, this conversation did take place.
A woman approaches me as any normal customer would.
“There are people that pose as doctors and lawyers and social workers, and they follow me, but they’re not really those people,” she exclaims in a slightly panicking voice. “I’ll call the cops on you if you’re with them. You’re not with them are you? I need security or something. Those people follow me everywhere and harass me!”
“…uh huh,” I stupidly respond in place of running.
“They say that I harass others, but I don’t! Really they’re the ones who are harassing me! And sometimes they try to illegally drug me! They try to give me the drugs. I’ll call the cops! They follow me and harass me!”
“Oh, wow,” I reply.
“One time during therapy they slipped drugs into my foods. They won’t leave me alone,” she continues. “They follow me around pretending to be doctors and lawyers, and they try to drug me!”
“Wow, that’s terrible.”
“Do you want the proof I have? I can show you papers I have with their signatures on it! The signatures of my family! It shows what’s happening!” She pulls out some slips from pieces of registered mail. “I won’t actually show you their names, of course!” And of course, they’re not proof of anything except that she had some mail.
“Yeah and they won’t leave me alone. They chase me and try to drug me!”
“That’s really terrible.”
“They even tried to poison me. Is my drink poisoned?” She holds out her drink from our cafe to me. “Can you check it for poison?”
“I don’t really know how to do that, but it looks okay to me.”
“Maybe you could get security for me.”
“Um, I could call a manager,” I reply. “But I can’t really call security.”
“No, no, I don’t like bothering people. You know what I mean? I don’t want to make people go out of their way or anything.” Yeah, sure you don’t.
“Well, I don’t mind calling my manager.”
“Can you just assure me that my drink is poison? Can you assure me?”
“I don’t think there’s any poison in your drink.”
“But can you assure me?! Can you promise me that no one slipped any drugs or poison in my drink? Can you assure me? There aren’t any drugs? Can you assure me?”
“I can assure you I didn’t. I don’t see how anyone could have reached your drink, and the people in our cafe wouldn’t do that to your drink,” I reply.
She looks a little relieved. “Okay, thanks. But if I find drugs or poison in my drink, I’ll call the police! And I’ll sue you! I’ll call the police! If there’s poison, I’ll call the police!” She seems to repeat herself a lot. “I’m going to go sit down in the cafe and enjoy my coffee, but I’m going to call the police if you try to follow me or drug me or poison me!”
She finally walks away.
And she had a horrible camel toe.

Quotes on ProtoGalaxy Site

Quotes on ProtoGalaxy Site, originally uploaded by theuser.

Source – Games
Source Studio quotes my ProtoGalaxy review on their site.

"It’s a lot of fun! With ProtoGalaxy, what appears
to be a small title actually has quite a bit of depth." – Game Boyz,

It’s not like I said anything particularly great there actually, but I
did really enjoy the game. It’s always kind of exciting to get quoted.


Dominion is a cool card game I tried for the first time last night. You start with a small deck of cards, drawing a new hand each turn and shuffling your discard pile back as a deck when your deck is empty.
On your turn, you can purchase new cards that are added to your deck. In this way, each time you go through your deck, it should be better.You can purchase higher value gold cards, cards that allow you chain together more possible moves per turn, and victory cards, which are cards that are worthless during play but represent points that are sole measure of, well, victory at the end of the game.
That’s it in a nutshell anyways. It’s a fast game (even if I was slower at it than the other players), but I had a ton of fun playing it. It seems nice because it could be fit in to an evening easily.

Leap of Sap

You can cast Leap of Faith on a sapped, frozen, etc. target.
This is so fun and helpful in PVP! gem yelled “get me out of here,” so I ran over to heal her. Then I realized exactly what she asked for, even though I think she meant for me to come heal her, so I broke my cast and life gripped her to safety. It seems like a good way to save someone, at least temporarily, from rogues. I’ve also enjoyed using it to help speed the flag carrier on his or her run or to remove him or her from a combat zone.
I’m loving this skill.

Due Date

I saw Due Date (2010) at the dollar theater tonight. It looked funny in the commercials, although I wasn’t really expecting much. Now, I realize it’s not an amazing movie deserving of gushing, but I found it much, much funnier than I expected. I’ll definitely want to watch it again in the future. Robert Downey Jr. plays a responsible man with an anger problem who winds up in a lot trouble because of Zach Galifianakis’s character. Some people seem to like Zach Galifianakis a lot. I didn’t have a problem with him in the movie, but I didn’t think it was great either. I always like Robert Downey Jr., and he didn’t disappoint.
Well, I didn’t mean to talk so much about this movie. I just enjoyed it, that’s all!