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Panoramic Ball Camera

Panoramic ball camera gives a full 360-view of you nervously throwing it in the air (video) — Engadget

Is that not the coolest thing ever? This ball contains 36 phone cameras pointed in different directions. When you throw it in the air, each camera takes a photo at the same time at the peak its arc. Using special software, you can then view the full panorama.
If it streamed the video somewhere, that’d be even cooler. Overlooking cost, what if you dropped it off a cliff or something. How awesome would that be? Or you could throw it around at a concert. Hell, you could just throw it at your roommate’s head. I want one.


SQUIDS for iOS | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Action/Adventure, RPG, Strategy

SQUIDS is a fun new game for iOS provided to me by The Game Bakers. It just hit the App Store (early!) last night and will be available on Android soon. SQUIDS is a colorful strategy game featuring cartoon-like graphics. When black slime enters the underwater kingdom and begins corrupting, a team of heroes must band together. Of course, these heroes are squids. What else would they be? Combining turn-based strategy, light RPG, and touchscreen controls, SQUIDS is a welcome addition to mobile gaming.


Shadowgun | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Action Games, Shooter, Third Person Shooter

When I read that Shadowgun for iOS was a console-quality game, I was skeptical. However, after Madfinger Games provided the game to me, I was very impressed. Shadowgun is a third-person shooter that looks to be inspired by Gears of War. It uses the Unity development platform, usually used in web-based applications. It looks stunning is an experience you wouldn’t expect to get from an iOS game! I entered expecting exaggerations yet was so impressed that I promptly ran to show my friends.

Off-Road Drive

Off-Road Drive | PC, PC Games, Reviews, Racing, Simulation, 1C-Avalon, 1C Company

After seeing Off-Road Drive two years in a row at 1C Company’s annual preview event, Another Night in Moscow, they finally provided me with a copy of the game. Even though I had already tried the game, I was very impressed. You’re not going to find a better off-road truck racing simulator than Off-Road Drive. With a wide variety of trucks and locations, lots of control over your vehicles, and even the ability to leave real ruts in the mud, this game is a blast.