Reduced Speeds from AT&T

Reduced Speeds from AT&T, originally uploaded by theuser.
You are now chatting with Christine C., an AT&T sales representative.

  • Christine C.: Welcome to AT&T online Feature Sales. How may I assist you with your features today?
  • Peter Anargirou: Hi. I was wondering why I received a text message about having my speeds reduced if I’m already paying for unlimited data
  • Christine C.: I would be happy to help you with the data pla.
  • Christine C.: You will still get unlimited data. It is usually over 5GB then the speed can be slowed for congestion.
  • Peter Anargirou: I’ve only used 2 GB when I received the text message last night.
  • Peter Anargirou: And I don’t have tethering nor am I jailbroken or doing anything else I’m not supposed to do.
  • Christine C.: I understand. Unfortunately, I can’t access the account to take a look. The slowing speeds are based on location and usage. You will still have the unlimited data plan.
  • Peter Anargirou: I understand that it would still be unlimited, but it’s of course frustrating that there isn’t an option for a bigger package, yet reduced speeds is almost the same as cutting off data. If I can’t successfully do the things I pay to do with my data plan, then it’s become worthless. However, I know that’s not something you can change of course.
  • Peter Anargirou: I do have two other questions. First, if my speeds are reduced, does that reset the following month?
  • Peter Anargirou: In other words, if I go over this cap and have my speeds reduced, will I have normal speeds the next billing cycle until I hit the cap again?
  • Christine C.: It does reset with the next billing cycle.
  • Peter Anargirou: Well that’s fantastic, because I was on the 28th day of my billing cycle.
  • Peter Anargirou: Second, in case I want to consider different service provider, where can I find out if I’m still under contract and when that expires?
  • Christine C.: Perfect!
  • Christine C.: Your contract will be listed in your Profile which is under My AT&T.
  • Peter Anargirou: Okay, thank you very much!
  • Christine C.: It is on the second tab about half way down.
  • Christine C.: Is there anything else I can help you with or another feature I can help you with?
  • Peter Anargirou: No, that’s it! You’ve been very helpful! I work in a similar position than [whoops] you, and I know it can be frustrating when customers get mad when you have no control. I hope you have a wonderful day.
  • Christine C.: Thanks! Thank you for choosing AT&T. We appreciate your business. Have a great week! Happy New Year!