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The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire

The Hunger Games: Girl on Fire | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Action Games, Platformer

The Hunger Games is quite popular lately, so it seems like a great time to review the new iOS game, Hunger Games: Girl on Fire. First it was a book, then it was a movie, and now it’s what the publisher is calling a “teaser game.” Published by Lions Gate Films, Inc. and developed by the creator of Canabalt, it’s a simple game with lots of polish. The character runs forward constantly, and you swipe to jump and tap to shoot!
It’s no surprise that there’s a game now that The Hunger Games has become such a phenomenon. It started as a trilogy of teen novels that I thoroughly enjoyed. I don’t want to give too much away, but they’re about the Hunger Games – an event in which the government puts a group of kids into an arena, forcing them to fight to the death. More abstractly, the books are about social status, class wars, government’s role, control, independence, manipulation, and love. As movies usually do, The Hunger Games movie lost some of the character development of the novel and focussed on visual action scenes. The film also shows many great scenes not seen in the book and does a terrific job. How does the game hold up to the novels and film? Excellently.


Hatchi, iOS Pet | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Simulation

Hatchi is a virtual pet game for the iOS created by Portable Pixels. It’s very much like a classic Tamagotchi. In fact, if you’ve ever used one, you’ll know exactly how to use Hatchi. It has very simple graphics and sound by intention to feel like the older virtual pets. You take care of your Hatchi, let it evolve over time, keep it satisfied, and then release it!

Just what I’ve been looking for!

Five tablets that beat the new iPad

Five tablets that beat the new iPad | iPad Atlas – CNET Reviews

The Toshiba Thrive is kind of the anti-iPad, with features that would be much more appropriate on a laptop than a tablet, while retaining a tablet’s touchscreen convenience. It’s a honking behemoth of a monster though, measuring a thickness nearly twice that as the iPad 2. As for those laptop-y features? How does a full USB port, full SD card memory expansion, and a full HDMI port strike you? Not good enough? Alright, well the removable (and replaceable) battery should destroy your last remnants of resistance.
While the Thrive ships with Honeycomb, Toshiba says to expect an Ice Cream Sandwich update by the “end of spring”, 2012. Still, while at its current $400 price, it could stand a discount, the Thrive can easily claim a feature set the new iPad can’t.

In case you don’t read the actual CNET article, Eric Franklin, the author, does state that he intends to purchase the new iPad. However, he says that each tablet discussed in the article beats the new iPad in different ways. (And he talks about the THRiVE first.)

Android How-to Videos

I’m the voice of Toshiba in three new how-to videos on Android.
Toshiba How-to: Connect Your Toshiba Tablet to a Wireless Network

Toshiba How-to: Connect A Bluetooth Keyboard to a Toshiba Tablet

Toshiba How-to: Toshiba’s Android Service Station

DIY Laptop Unable to Boot

Toshiba Support – Troubleshooting
Besides monitoring social networks and responding to customers, I also work with my team and various online support projects. One of them was recently posted publicly. We added the “no boot” troubleshooting for PCs to the DIY tool. Select “Laptop Troubleshooting,” and then select “My laptop will not start or display is blank.” The first few steps of this flow were already in place, but we fleshed it out a great deal, making it much more useful.

Duck Sauce

Duck Sauce – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In another dance hit 2011 have submitted the song “Big Bad Wolf” is the name of the new duet song Duck Sauce. “Big Bad Wolf” was released on BBC radio, the tune used in the sound of wolves howling, similar to that shown in movies of suspense and terror. Duck Sauce, the band formed by American DJ Armand Van Helden and A-Trak and last year launched the hit “Barbra Streisand”, debuted her new clip for “Big Bad Wolf”. The controversial video shows two people who have a kind of deformity in his legs also made ​​howling over the issue. To discover is that they are the heads of the two DJ’s, and have a life. During development of the clip are appearing more characters with the same “problem” to interact with other heads and even women. The video, which for some can be fun and other unpleasant, also has a high sexual content. The creators worked to surprise all the time but even more in the end, with a quite controversial.

Thank you, Wikipedia. You truly are the encyclopedia of the new generation.