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Chuck’s Challenge 3D Beta – Package A – Full Playthrough

After sharing a short clip of the Chuck’s Challenge 3D beta the other day, I decided to record some more. There are different packages of levels, and this is a full playthrough of the first package. Keep in mind that this is only the beta. Things are likely to change.
Despite playing Chuck’s Challenge on the iPhone, I had a great time playing CC3D. Besides being 3D of course, there were a few other changes that made it different enough to keep it fresh. If you fond memories of playing Chip’s Challenge on the PC, make sure to try out Chuck’s Challenge 3D!

Guns of Icarus Online Beta Gameplay Video

I recorded my first match in the Guns of Icarus Online beta. I don’t have the intention of writing a full preview right now, but I have a little bit to say. My opinion on the game is mixed. As a proof of concept, it’s good. We’ll just need to see how popular the game is when it retails and if the bugs are fixed.
Audio is fine, and the style of the graphics is very cool. It doesn’t look to be a AAA title in this department, and that’s okay. However, the gameplay is a little troublesome. I had a lot of trouble just running around the airship. The core concept of the game is fighting with other ships; the core of the gameplay I saw was trying not to fall off the ship, especially when it felt like I’d sometimes move through the railing.
The beta didn’t have enough people playing to have full teams. This meant that I was running back and forth between gunning and piloting. I imagine the game would be much more awesome if I was working on a coherent team. Note that I said “coherent team.” Simply being on a team that doesn’t work together isn’t enough. However, if the person piloting is actually talking to the gunners, it could be very cool. The game pitted two ships on the red team against two on the blue team, I think. It would help if I could figure out whether another ship was red or blue though!
It’s too early to know for sure how the game is going to be. I’m definitely still excited to play it more. I think the true test will be when there are enough people to have full games!

Chuck’s Challenge 3D

The beta of Chuck’s Challenge 3D was released for some Kickstarter supporters recently, and I had the chance to try it out. It’s a port of the iOS game, Chuck’s Challenge, which is itself similar to the amazing Chip’s Challenge from the Lynx and PC. The video is short because it’s just a quick look at the game. You’ll have to excuse a couple times where nothing seems to be happening; I was trying various inputs just to see how it worked.

Sonic x Vapor

Sonic x Vapor | Blog | Game Boyz
Nike has a campaign called “My Time Is Now” that uses an interactive video. As the video progresses, you can click on various soccer players to read about them. You can also sometimes find areas to click that branch the video in a new direction.
One of these branches leads to a playable Sonic game, Sonic x Vapor!

Portal 2 Sounds

Portal 2 Sounds | A Portal 2 Soundboard containing all in-game quotes and dialog.
I think I may have found the greatest site on the Web. Yes, of course it’s a Portal soundboard. It lets you choose between Portal 1, Portal 1 Music, Portal 2, Portal 2 DLC, and Portal 2 PTI (as well as TF2 and TF2 Music). It also lets you search quote text and search by the speaker. It’s really easy to find your favorite quotes, which is good because I didn’t know how often I wanted to listen to Portal quotes until I found this site!

Netgear 802.11ac Router Reviewed by CNET

5G Wi-Fi (802.11ac) explained: It’s cool | Crave – CNET

Now that you can actually buy the first wireless networking products that use 802.11ac, Buffalo’s router and media bridge, it’s time you learned about the this new wireless standard. While the “ac” designation definitely does not mean “air conditioning,” I can say for sure that 802.11ac is cool.
And by cool, I mean fast. That’s the biggest difference about 802.11ac compared with previous wireless standards. But first let’s see how similar it is.

Mmmm, faster. Sounds great on paper (screen?), but the speed of my internal network isn’t really the problem right now.

Marvel vs. Capcom 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 for iOS | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Fighting

Capcom recently brought Marvel vs. Capcom 2 to the iOS, and I tried it out on my iPhone. In case you don’t know, this is a fighting game featuring characters from Marvel and from Capcom. It was originally released in arcades and on Dreamcast and has since been ported to many other systems. The iOS doesn’t usually do well with games that require buttons, and fighting games really do. I was cautiously optimistic because Capcom’s Street Fighter IV did decently on the iOS. Unfortunately, I was let down by Marvel vs. Capcom 2… However, it seems like Capcom just wanted to cash in on hype for the Avengers film. At $4.99 on the App Store, I recommend you pass on this one.

Toshiba Golf League

Tomorrow will be the second week of our golf league. I’ve now played golf a total of three times, so I’m, surprise surprise, not very good yet! There are 20 people in the league. Last week, three didn’t show. The worst score you can get per hole is three over par for a total of 58. I had 57, and I was the worst. The next worst was 54 though, so I guess that makes me feel better until you realize that who knows how bad I might have been if there wasn’t a limit. Still, I ended each hole near the hole, which was good. Tomorrow Pete and I play the two best players in the league.
I just hope that I can hit the ball when I swing at it.

IRIS by Cirque du Soleil

The Chinese Theatre
For Mother’s Day, gem and I took her mom and aunt to see IRIS by Cirque du Soleil in LA. It was a lot of fun, and I took a few photos throughout the day.
We spent a few minutes talking at her parents’ house before heading up to Los Angeles. We got there around 5:30, and the show started at 7:00, giving us some time to walk around. We spent a little time just wandering (and taking photos). I also had a super delicious hot dog with bacon and lots of toppings, including whole grilled jalepeño. Why wasn’t I always putting whole grilled jalepeños on my hot dogs?
IRIS itself was fantastic. It’s about the history of cinema. It uses a lot of the “basics” (contortionists, jugglers, trapezists), but it’s very inspired by cinema. It plays a lot with light, shadow, and recording in very cool ways. Of course, there’s an overall story to it as well that involves the film industry. They even threw an awards show in the middle! Some acts were less obviously about cinema. The Kiriki act involved a group of performers in different colored costumes flipping, climbing, and balancing on each other. gem whispered to me “I think this is about the introduction of color.” I hadn’t realized it on my own, but it seems very likely. It was one of the best acts in my opinion, but it wasn’t my favorite. That honor goes to a noir scene that’s set a wonderful mood and segues nicely into a noir, rooftop fight scene heavily using trampolines. Very cool.
Anyways, it’s an excellent show. And the music’s on Spotify.

Hiking in the Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park

Path to Nature
gem and I went hiking in the Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park on Saturday. We were supposed to go with Carrie and Edward, but Edward forgot somehow. I guess signing up in advance wasn’t enough of a reminder (nor was the e-mail reminder from them). We signed up in advance for the Wilderness Access Day, which comes up every month or so and allows self-guided hiking. I don’t know why anyone would ever want to go with a guide.
It was a beautiful hike, and I’m happy that the trails were very clear. I still had a cold though, so that caused some difficulties. I had to stop occasionally when the hiking was upsetting my throat. I also gave me the chance to take a lot of photographs!