CAMS Class of 2004 10-year reunion

cams reunion

Last night was the CAMS Class of 2004’s 10-year reunion in Redondo Beach. It was held at HT Grill, a great venue in a beautiful location near the water. Thanks so much to Marghee for planning it! (Sorry that photo is dark. I like it anyways.)

My favorite family

I hadn’t seen many of the people there in years. Others, like three of my favorite people pictured above, I get to see regularly (if not as often as I like). Henley seemed to enjoy splashing before dinner.

For dinner they served clam chowder or salad, chicken or salmon, and a brownie. Everything was incredibly delicious.

cams reunion

“Then and now” photos were projected of people in attendance, and each person took turns standing and letting the group know what they’ve been doing. It was wonderful to learn how great everyone seems to be doing. Sure, they likely leave out the negative, but I enjoyed learning about marriages, soon-to-be weddings, children, children on the way, and impressive jobs.

cams reunion

There were also a few games, including naming classmates from their old photos, answering trivia about our time at CAMS, and answering pop culture questions from 2004. As far as I know, the planning was all Marghee, which is really impressive considering she also had her five-week old there!

I’d love to get together more often, because it was a lot of fun. Maybe a 15-year reunion should be in the cards!