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2018 blogging in review

Every year I like to look at my blog stats. It seems a little pointless as I’ve practically stopped, but it’s hard for me to break tradition.


Kor’kron 501st

Polygons & Pixels

2017 blogging in review

After 2016 ended up being my best year for views and visitors on WebPageless, 2017 ended up being one of my worst. That’s not super surprising, because I’ve been blogging a lot less.

 WebPageless  Kor’kron 501st  Polygons & Pixels  Total
 Since 1/2013  Since 9/2011  Since 6/2012
 Year  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors
 2011  N/A  N/A  238  0  N/A  N/A  238  0
 2012  ?  ?  5,969  509  593  91  6,562  600
 2013  2,949  1,595  10,181  6,291  6,858  3,933  19,988  11,819
 2014  3,703  2,101  6,376  4,949  7,891  5,010  17,970  12,060
 2015  4,005  2,481  4,797  3,766  4,029  3,106  12,831  9,353
 2016  8,699  2,675  2,559  2,106  2,251  1,690  13,509  6,471
 2017  2,208  1,507  1,103  845  1,520  1,165  4,831  3,517

My most viewed article last year was an article from August 2015 – Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM with 834 views. That was a fun piece!

On Kor’kron 501st, my most viewed article was also from August 2015. How strange. It’s World of Warcraft: Legion – where’s the dance studio? and had 20 (yep, just haha) views.

Polygons & Pixels’ most viewed article was Papers, Please, Gamer’s Edition is full of collectibles from March 2015 with 96 views.

August was a good year for blogging for me!

2016 blogging in review

This past year was the best I’ve had on WebPageless for both views and visitors.

Here are my WordPress stats:

 WebPageless  Kor’kron 501st  Polygons & Pixels  Total
 Since 1/2013  Since 9/2011  Since 6/2012
 Year  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors  Views  Visitors
 2011  N/A  N/A  238  0  N/A  N/A  238  0
 2012  ?  ?  5,969  509  593  91  6,562  600
 2013  2,949  1,595  10,181  6,291  6,858  3,933  19,988  11,819
 2014  3,703  2,101  6,376  4,949  7,891  5,010  17,970  12,060
 2015  4,005  2,481  4,797  3,766  4,029  3,106  12,831  9,353
 2016  8,699  2,675  2,559  2,106  2,251  1,690  13,509  6,471

Not counting any homepage, the top entry was “Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM.” That was a fun post! My Sample Works page came next. As expected, most views came from the US. Following my home country was Brazil, Russia, and the Philippines.

I have a little more commentary on Polygons and Pixels and Kor’kron 501st as well.

Thanks for visiting!

Thanks to 2015 and everyone who made it great

Crow on the lake

This was quite the year filled with many fun activities. It seems like a nice time for some reflection. I went to Michigan, which was beautiful, with Duncan. I’d never been that far north or east.

Niagara Falls

On that same trip, I left the country for the first time to visit Niagara Falls.

Lee's Palace

I also visited Toronto! It was an awesome city.

Holland Tayloe Gedney as Elsa

I went to San Diego Comic-Con again. Here I’m dressed as an Aquabat with Holland Tayloe Gedney’s Elsa.

The Aquabats!

It was also my first year cosplaying – not counting the Aquabats costume I’ve worn to SDCC previously for concerts. This is Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats (with the Aquabats)!

Snapchat magic by gem

And let’s not forget Fix-It Felix, Jr.

Bay Area friends

I visited friends in the Bay Area when I went to San Francisco for a conference.

SoCal Paddle Yoga

I did a lot of yoga, including paddle yoga. I started practicing yoga in the summer of 2014 and continued in 2014. Starting in June, I did yoga daily, never missing a day. I took over 130 yoga classes in 2015. My wrist is still healing but is feeling much better. I think the glucosamine sulfate (thanks to the pianist from Intergalactic Nemesis for the suggestion) and vertical mouse is helping quite a bit. I also hurt my knee, so for the past few months I’ve only been doing restorative or yin yoga. Honestly, I can see the good in this. I’ve learned to appreciate yin and restorative so much more, which helps give me a deeper understanding to my practice and myself.


Speaking of hurting my knee, I’ve also been dancing a lot more. I took 40-something dance classes this year. While I tried a lot of different areas, I like Balboa, Argentine tango, and Lindy Hop the most. I’m glad I have fun friends who like to go dancing.

Ooey Gooey Berry PieI baked an ooey gooey berry pie for Anela to celebrate the fact that she passed the bar. I also got to attend her bar admission ceremony and law school graduation. Folly at Dapper Day

gem and I went to the Dapper Day expo at Downtown Disney and to Folly, the afterparty.

gem on stage with Suburban Legends!gem and I were extras during the filming of The Big Day, and gem got this great photo of her with Suburban Legends. Free Comic Book Day and ImprovCity's Comic Book Day show!

I saw so much talent in my friends. This is Free Comic Book Day show at ImprovCity with my friend Alex Bower front and center. Besides some regular shows, I saw him in Scary Pants (which he wrote), Millennial Falcon at Second City, and HIStory/HERstory.

UntitledSpeaking of talented friends named Alex, I saw Alex Foster clowning around and got pulled on stage for more participation (just like the last clown show I saw before this one). Little Jimmy the Robot of the Aquabats

I painted a little Jimmy the Robot.

Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_CoreI also painted this Adventure Time mug. Adventure Time mug painted at Color Me Mine! Idea by reddit user /u/Just-Another-Teenage in a post by /u/Corrupt_Core

You have to see both sides.

That’s not to mention the cool Christmas gifts and cards I made this year. I haven’t given them all to their recipients yet, so I don’t want to show anything.

IMG_3833gem took me to a sushi class where we prepared sushi rolls! She’s the best 🙂Coup de Comedy 2015

We also saw Kindred Throats, an amazing musical comedy duo. She liked them so much, she baked them cookies. Twice.

Anela's graduation

I attended Anela’s law school graduation from Chapman.

bar admission ceremony

…and her CA Bar admission ceremony.


gem and I saw Cirque du Soleil’s KURIOS! Amazing!

Me and Anela at the Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show

I saw Anela dance a number of times, including the really fun Bellydance IDOL presents Om Kalthoum Tribute Show.

watson adventures

I helped solve a mystery at the Watson Adventures.

Blacklight Run

I ran (jogged/walked) a Blacklight Run with these two fun people.

Snow photo shoot with gem and Anela

I even got to see snow for the first time.

Heck, the year even started with my friends getting engaged.

I did so many other cool things too such as…

  • Reading all surviving plays by Aeschylus, Sophocles, and Euripides that I hadn’t read previously.
  • Having agents draft social media responses for me at work
  • Participating in a behavioral study
  • Becoming friends with Bryan Lackey, awesome ska trumpet player
  • Wakeboarding
  • Watching my brother perform in the Spectacles Improv Engine’s Student Showcase
  • Seeing a meteor shower
  • Attending a sand sculpture festival
  • Jogging/walking a Blacklight Run
  • Running the Walking Dead Experience
  • Seeing bands such as the Aquabats, the Interrupters, Starpool, Suburban Legends, LA Swing Barons, Imagine Dragons, Metric, Halsey, the LA Philharmonic, and Scott Bradlee and the Postmodern Jukebox
  • Vacationing with my roommates and friends in Vegas
  • Swing dancing in Downtown Disney
  • Visiting the OC Fair and OC Night Market
  • Watching Rocky Horror Picture Show
  • Lots of blogging (see my earlier post)

And I’m sure I’m forgetting to mention a thousand things. Thanks to everybody who helped make 2015 such an amazing year.

2015 blogging in review

Thanks to some reminders from WordPress and Jetpack, it seems like a good time to look at blogging in 2015. They’ve put together a report you can look at here, but I think I can find some interesting numbers myself.

WebPageless got around 4000 views this year, which is approximately what my other two blogs, Kor’kron 501st and Polygons and Pixels got as well. At this point, WebPageless is the only one I update regularly; the other two are about games, and I’m not really gaming much.

Here’s the breakdowns by year:

Year WebPagleess Kor’kron 501st Polygons & Pixels Total
2012 Unknown 5,969 N/A N/A
2013 2,949 10,181 6,858 19,988
2014 3,703 6,376 7,891 17,970
2015 3,989

I don’t know when Jetpack was installed on WebPageless, but it shows data for January 2013, so it must have been installed that month. January might be a little low depending on when it was installed in that month, but that’s early enough in the year that it seems fairly accurate. Also, 2015 is only off of 4,000 by 11 views. Maybe this post can push it over 4,000. Edit: It can!

I’ve also been tracking with eXTReMe Tracking on WebPageless since May 7, 2009. It tracks visitors, not views, and its calculations can be different than WordPress’ too. While it doesn’t give me as much data as I get from WordPress, as of writing this it gives me a total of 19,858 visitors.

I made 67 new posts here – much, much more than my other two blogs. I made 34 new posts on Kor’kron 501st and 28 new posts on Polygons & Pixels. That’s not really a surprise to me. Most of my posts on WebPageless are discussing cool things I’ve done, and I’ve done a lot of fun things this year.

I know the views on WebPageless are much lower, but they’re more important to me. Kor’kron 501st and Polygons and Pixels have a much stronger ability to get views from links or search results, but WebPageless is actively about me and my life. However, all three blogs get views from people I know personally, and that means a lot to me. WebPageless is such a chronicle of my life that I’d ask someone to save a copy of it if I died to give to my children, but, you know, no kids, so we’re all good. Thanks to Blessing of Kings for linking to Kor’kron 501st and being responsible for so many of my views, the Twisted Nether Blogcast for having me on their podcast in late 2014, and everyone following the story of bob’s game on Polygons & Pixels and commenting to keep me informed – Nox, Tubero, Anonymouse, and more. Most of all, I’m thankful and surprised when my friends reveal that they read. It’s harder to gather stats on people who click through from Facebook, but I see the likes. I’m surprised so many people read. (Well, and some people like without reading, I’m sure.) I get comments in person from people that reveal that they’ve seen the post. It’s amazing. Sometimes I find myself asking “does anyone even read this crap,” but I know they do, and I know that WebPageless is basically a journal. If you read it, it must mean you care about me. Thank you.

Excluding the home page and some more administrative-focused pages designed mostly for me, here are my top posts by views in 2015:

  1. The Scott Pilgrim Picture Show
  2. Legendary Star-Lord is Super Rad!
  3. iHOOKAH featuring Anela and Second City featuring Alex
  4. Michigan Vacation
  5. Stand up paddle boarding and the OC Night Market
  6. Coup de Comedy Festival 2015 featuring Kindred Hearts singing to gem
  7. Happy birthday, gem!
  8. Atomic Ballroom Student Showcase: Celebrate the Magic
  9. Prince Peach: Genderswapped cosplay
  10. Pan-frying Pizza Rolls with Totino’s x MBMBaM

I’m sure I’ll keep blogging in 2016, so I’ll see you then! (And full disclosure, I’m planning on another post later today here.)

Pinky Verma, SEO Consultant

Good news! I was contacted by Pinky Verma, SEO Consultant about advertising on the Web. As it turns out, his SEO company based in India (well, he says he’s affiliated with them anyways) “has helped over 200 businesses rank on the 1st Page of GOOGLE.” Impressive. I figure he knows a lot about Google, because he uses a gmail address even! He also notes that while WebPageless has a great design, it wasn’t ranking on Google, Yahoo, or Bing (what would I do without Bing ranking?) for most keywords related to my business. I didn’t even know I had a business! Truly an exciting offer by Pinky.

Wait, is Pinky a woman’s name or a man’s name? The only Pinky I know hangs out with Brain.

Hello, 2015

Last year was a pretty fun year. I was pulled on stage during a clown show, went stand-up paddleboarding, and went wakeboarding. I attended Katie and Matt’s wedding. I started doing yoga this summer and have stuck with it consistently. I switched to a bodyweight workout routine and have been doing that regularly. San Diego Comic-Con was a lot of fun, and for the first time, the roles were reversed; people asked me for pictures. (I was in my Aquabats costume.)

I attended a ton of concerts, including but not limited to Reel Big Fish, The Maxies, The Originalites, The Aquabats, Koo Koo Kangaroo, GOGO13, Half Past Two, Sugar Stems, The Interrupters, The Holophonics, The Skatalites, Suburban Legends, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, Los SuperSpies, and so many more. I watched a bunch of improv, mostly at ImprovCity and Spectacles. I attended some Risk! Live. I went to a Teenage Mutant Pizza Party and the Scott Pilgrim Picture Show with CinemAttack! There was Dapper Day, Walking with Dinosaurs, a Civil War reenactment, The Great Gatsby party, the OC Fair, and LA Kiss. There was some Yadi Presents burlesque, a performance of Wizard of Oz, Chicago, Big River – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, Man of La Mancha, and other performances. Lots of fun stuff.

Edit: Oh, man, how can I forget the Tall Ships Festival or being a guest on the Twisted Nether Blogcast?!

Work continues to go well. I cleaned out my closet. And yes, that’s worth mentioning. I attended Henley’s first birthday party and gave him a big smile with his present. I finished off Mists of Pandaria and started Warlords of Draenor. Sorry, but a little video games had to leak into this too. I got my backlog (my list of games, books, movies, etc.) that were purchased but never finished down to 340, which is pretty good. When I started counting in April, I had 471 items that needed to be beat/watched/read. I got rear-ended while driving for the first time. That’s not really much of an accomplishment, but I handled it at least. It was my 10-year high school reunion a few months back, and that was a lot of fun. I also cooked a bunch – stuffed bell peppers, pizzas, calzones, salads, salami wraps, pork chops, steaks, a cake, lemon bars, brownies, and more delicious things. I, a straight man, went out for a drink with a man I met on a dating site. I got stung by way too many bees.

It was a cool year.

2015 started with a party with close friends. Just a minute or two into the year I got to witness a friend propose to his girlfriend.

We’re off to a good start.

WebPageless in 2014

The Jetpack WordPress plugin reports some stats at the end of the year, so I thought I’d share them. My most popular post from the day with the most views was about my high school reunion. Of my top three referring sites, three of them are completely unknown to me. Also, most of my engagement comes from Alex and Darnell’s family!

There are some more stats in the report.

Your 2013 year in blogging

Here are some stats for WebPageless in 2013!

  • The busiest day had 83 views.
  • The most popular post that day was OC Improv Fest night two
  • The most popular post overall was Prince Peach: Genderswapped cosplay.
  • The top referring sites were all social media and my Kor’kron 501st, my WoW blog.
  • Visitors came mostly from the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • My most active commenters were all Hursts.

Check out the full report: Your 2013 year in blogging.

OC Improv Fest feedback

Earlier this week I was surprised to find that Graham Beightol of the OC Improv Cup, Cherry Spitz, and the Friday Society, commented on my previous post. He thanked me for attending, asked if I could provide feedback on ways to improve for next year, and asked permission to use my photos in future promotions. I was pretty surprised (and not just because my photos were so bad).

I’m guessing they were Googling for feedback on the festival and came across WebPageless. I provided some feedback and gave my permission to use the photos. The festival was great not only as an event in itself but also as a way to get to know so many different teams. Hopefully I’ll check out more Spectacles improv in the future – possibly this weekend.

Austin Floyd, of whom I was critical in my previous posts, also commented. He said, “I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not everyone’s cup of tea.” He went on to offer to cover my next ticket to a Spectacles show, which was very nice of him. We exchanged e-mails, and he even mentioned singling out his friends as part of his hosting. Honestly, it didn’t cross my mind that he might know those people.

I wanted to make clear here what a funny performer he’s been when I’ve seen him and how nice he was when he contacted me. After talking to him, I’m looking forward to seeing him host again. Maybe I’ll throw him a bad suggestion or two!