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Hikes I’ve done include…

Greater Los Angeles Area, CA

  • Aliso and Wood Canyons Wilderness Park
    • Main entrance, Aliso Canyon Creek Trail > Wood Canyon Trail > Cave Rock, Wood Canyon Trail > Dripping Cave Trail > Dripping Cave, Dripping Cave Trail > Mathis Canyon Trail > West Ridge Trail > Top of the World Park. Runkeeper, (1/21/18)
    • Main entrance, Aliso Creek Trail > Meadows Trail > Aswut Trail > Mentally Sensitive Trail > Aliso Creek Trail > Main entrance. Runkeeper, 7.16 miles, 947 ft climb, 6/29/19
  • Bommer Canyon
  • Crystal Cove
  • Holy Jim Trail to waterfall (9/9/17)
  • Limestone Canyon Wilderness Park [WebPageless post.] [Flickr album] (5/12)
  • Murphy Ranch (2/20/16)
  • Peters Canyon
  • Quail Hill [Runkeeper, WebPageless post, Flickr album] (?, 2/15)
  • Tustin Branch Trail. Runkeeper, 6/15/19.
  • Turtle Rock View Point [Runkeeper.] (Multiple 2008-2013)
  • Vasquez Rocks (briefly) (7/3/16)
  • Whiting Ranch
    • 1/14/18: Borrego Canyon Trail to Mustard Road to Red Rock Trail to its end, then back to Mustard Road to Borrego Canyon Trail to the parking lot. Runkeeper
    • 6/23/19: Borrego Canyon Trail to Mustard Road. Mustard Road to Vista Lookout Road. Vista Lookout Road to Vista Lookout. Vista Lookout Road to Mustard Road. Mustard Road west to a small lookout, then back to Canyon Pond Loop Trail. Canyon Pond Loop Trail to Mustard Road. Mustard Road to Borrego Canyon Trail. Borrego Canyon Trail to parking lot. Runkeeper

Northern California

Central California

Honolulu, Hawaii


  • Multnomah Falls


  • Zion National Park: The Narrows “bottom-up” (5/19/18)
  • Zion National Park: West Rim Trail from The Grotto to Scout Lookout (5/20/18)
  • Zion National Park: Kayenta Trail from The Grotto to the Lower Emerald Pools, the Middle Emerald Pools, and the Upper Emerald Pools, and then back down the Lower Emerald Pools Trail to Zion Lodge (5/20/18)


  • Ape Cave – underground lava tubes involving bouldering, climbing, crawling, 1.6 miles, 10 feet [Runkeeper] (5/25/17)
  • Snoqualmie Falls
  • Rattlesnake Mountain Trail to Stan’s Overlook, 4.09 miles, 1060 feet[Runkeeper] (5/29/17)


  • Aukwee Cave
  • Cliffs of Moher

Northern Ireland

  • Carrick-A-Rede Rope Bridge
  • Giant’s Causeway


  • Stonehenge