The Aquabats

Aquabats friends! Photo by Kenneth Yeast

As a big fan of the Aquabats, I have a lot of memories revolving around them. This photo was taken by Kenneth Yeast.

Martian Girl

You can see me with another fan at a concert in this photo. I didn’t kow her, but I loved her Martian Girl costume.

You can see more photos from various events at which I dressed as an Aquabat on my Aquabats cosplay page.

The Aquabats!

I’ve also dressed as Professor Monty Corndog from the Aquabats as well! No one recognized my costume except the Aquabats, but it was worth it. More of those photos are available on my Professor Monty Corndog cosplay page.

Little Jimmy the Robot

I painted a Little Jimmy the Robot vinyl toy.

Welcome to Goon Holler Signing

Here I am with two of the Jacobs brothers.

aquabats beach ball

I got this Aquabats beach ball at an Aquabats concert with Emily’s Army and Kepi Ghoulie at the Fonda Theatre in Hollywood on 12/7/13.

aquabats set list

At the same concert, I got this set list.

aquabats set list

I also got this set list at the show on 7/9/15 with the Interrupters at the House of Blues in San Diego.