Sample Works

Toshiba How-To on YouTube, Writer and Voice Actor
Support Videos

I wrote the scripts for our support videos. Usually these were done from scratch, but sometimes I was provided notes or outlines. I also provided the voice work for all our videos and on-camera presence when needed (usually with just my hands).

Toshiba Knowledge Base, Writer
Troubleshooting Guides

Toshiba’s support articles in the community Knowledge Base are used for general, non-model specific troubleshooting and information. The Toshiba community, including the Knowledge Base, was taken offline in October 2016. Here you can see a saved .pdf copy of one example. Additional examples can be provided upon request.

WebPageless, Owner and Writer
Personal Blog

WebPageless is a personal blog and journal. I write here primarily for myself and an audience who already knows me well. These pieces are my most personal, and the tone reflects that. On this blog, some entries follow a bit of stream of consciousness and aren’t always edited.

Kor’kron 501st, Owner and Writer
Gaming Blog

Kor’kron 501st is a blog about World of Warcraft and other related games. It peaked in 2013, but I no longer write here frequently.

Polygons and Pixels, Owner and Writer
Gaming Blog

Polygons and Pixels is a general gaming blog.

WoW Insider (now rolled into Engadget), Guest Writer
Gaming News Site

Twisted Nether Blogcast, Episode Guest
Gaming Podcast

The Twisted Nether Blogcast is a podcast about the World of Warcraft blogging community., Contributing Editor
Gaming News Site

Game Boyz is a game news and review site based in Canada. I joined primarily to review iOS software and cover events in the US. Game Boyz has been on hiatus since 2015 and most of the site is down.