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Day 4, The End

After waking up early and packing, I headed to open autographs to try for a third time to get Ishiwatari’s and Mori’s autographs. It took a few hours, but I finally got heir autographs! Very cool!
Then we walked around the exhibit hall a bit. I bought an adorable little robot figure with big, puppy dog eyes and a small moogle figure. We also said hi to Lily!
Next we tried to see the Zelda: Mythbusters panal, but the line was huge so we left. Then w tried to go to Orochon Raman in Little Tokyo. At first we went to the wrong place, but now we’re here! Lunch in just a few short minutes!
It was very tasty! It was in a different plaza though so we came to Mikawaya for mochi! It’s a very nice place. I ordered 5 mochis, and the staff gave me a sixth for free!

Day 3

Today we lined up in the stand-by line for AX Idol around 10. It was a complete mess. When they passed out tickets, one guy went down each side of the line in parallel. Some of us got tickets from one and from the other. Went I went to correct that, the guys told us that there wasn’t any assigned seating. Well, that was a lie. Long story short, I got pretty mad and argued quite a bit, including arguing on behalf of some girl who wasn’t even with me. They said if we wanted to sit together, we could move to the back. Well, if it’s AX’s fault, they should make it right not penalize us for it. Main Events staff claimed that the problem was Tocketing’s not their problem. Regardless, eventually the staffer found someone who needed gem’s ticket and had the ticket gem needed so they switched.
AX Idol was very entertaining! I wish there was something more to say, but I didn’t take any recordings or remember any names. Pictochat was also very fun this year! AX Idol never disappoints!
Next I hurried over to line up for Ishiwatari and Mori’s autographs again. After two hours, guess what? No autograph! I guess I gotta come to open autographs tomorrow.
Next we went to get sushi, but it was too expensive and hardly had anything to choose from so we went to Lawry’s Carvery. Delicious!
Then it was off to the Manga Cafe! I read Midori Days Volumes 1 and 2. I loved the anime and had read the first volume already. I need to finish the manga sometime. Next I moved on to the first volume of FLCL. I couldn’t even tell who was talking. I should have watched the anime first. I didn’t realize Gainax made it. I should follow their work more closely. Lastly I read about half of the first volume of Gocha Gocha. It’s about a guy who’s friends with a girl who goes away for te summer. When she comes back, he finds that he’s in love with her, but she now has a split personality. Normally she’s the normal we’re-friends-but-I’m-always-mean-to-you girl, but her other personality is very erotic. It seems pretty awesome so far!
Now we’re in Last Comic Standing, and I’ve already seen a couple comics from last year. Soap came up and was pretty funny! He finished his bit without getting boo’ed off and only insulted fat people of AX a little!
Wow, the second half was great. Last Comic Standing was just amazing this year. Usually each half has a winner, and the two winners compete in the final round. This time there was an improv yo-momma duel to decid the winner of the second half who then won againt the first half’s winner in the final round. It got even better this year!

Day 2

Today I first went to the Ishiwatari (creator of Guilty Gear and composer of BlazBlue) and Mori (director of BlazBlue) focus panel. It was pretty interesting! Ishiwatari said he used American metal band references a bunch just because he loved the music. He also said that a lot of games had a cute girl character, and to be different he wanted to have a cute transexual girl. Despite this being out of the ordinary, the fans loved her.
Afterwards I headed to the Exhibit Hall to purchase Guilty Gear XX ^ Core Plus for Wii and BlazBlue Collector’s Edition for PS3 for $85. That’s actually a pretty great price surprisingly. I then rushed to the Ishiwatari and Mori autograph session. I stood in lone for a while but didn’t make it. There’s a session tomorrow, but it’s during AX Idol so I can’t go. Hopefully they’re at the open autograph session Sunday.
We had some lunch at a fish grill. I had a cashew chicken salad that was very tasty. Then we met up with Justina and Larysa! I bought some cards from William’s friend Lily.
Then after hangin around the Exhibit Hall for a while we lined up at 6:45 in the priority line for ticket holders for the AMV contest. Line’s were strange. Despite checking tickets at the door, they also check tickets before getting in line. Also, Collin had been in line since 3 (4 hours before seating and 6 hours before the show starting). Instead of giving out tickets, thy were just going to ivetickets to them as thy enter when the show’s about to start. That means they get to sit there for 6 hours before sitting inside for 3 hours to watch the contest. Sort of fucked up.
They didn’t actually let us in until 7:30, but now it’s 8:08 and I’ve been watching AMVs that didn’t become finalists for over a half hour! They already showed Dead Fantasy I & II; Dead Fantasy III will premiere soon!
Turns out it was Dead Fantasy III through V. They were shorter than usual but still cool.
For action AMV, I voted for The Good Ship Lifestyle, featuring the song by the same name by Chumbawumba and One Piece. For drama I voted for an FLCL AMV set to Story of a Girl. For comedy I liked a video that was a spoof of the news from the movie Starship Troopers. Finally for pro I voted for Dance Dance Celebration!
We got out at 11:45 but didn’t make it to our room until 1:30. The line was super long for the bus. Then there were so many people waiting for the 9 elevators (3 less than tere were supposed to be due to them being out of service) that it took a really long time. We took the escalators to a different floor and then caught an elevator going down before it filled I up. The only problem was the vomit in the back! One girl who really wanted to gt to her room said she didn’t mind standing in it because as someone who works on a farm, she’s stood in worse. Oh, an she wasn’t wearing shoes! Anyways, that’s pretty dumb because standing in something gross outside on a farm is different than tracking vomit through a hotel.
Anyways, it’s time to go enjoy Day 3!

Day 1

I decided not to go to Opening Ceremonies today, so I woke up around 9:30 and headed down. While walking around a little I saw some interesting cosplay, including a Zangief! It was funny! I also saw a spy disguised as a pyro!
I tried lining up for Artist Alley, but Anime Expo staff were pretty confused so we went to watch an episode of Emma: A Victorian Romance. It wasn’t amazing or anything, but I enjoyed it.
Next we went to the AMV 101 panel. Outside we saw Collin and linked up with his group before going in. I didn’t realize it was two hours long though, so I left after about 15 minutes.
Then it was exhibition hall time! First I checked out Artist Alley! I got an NES controller charm for my DSi! I also bought mechafetus’ new art book and met Persona-sama from Select Button. It was fun, and the book’s pretty awesome. It’s filled with weird people pouring guts out, topless, pixelated girls, and even a penis ejaculating rainbows! I also bought a t-shirt from another booth – It shows a Mage casing with a cast bar and a caption saying something along the lines of “Don’t interrupt me; I’m casting.”
Next it was food time! Nachos and tacos in the convention center! Now I’m in line for Imaishi and Nishigori! Nishigori was an animator of NGE! The line gave me time to look at mechafetus’ awesome art book and to update this entry!
While waiting for the panel, I found that my DSi froze and the battery was just about drained. Sucks.
It’s just Q&A, and all the questions are about Gurren Lagann. I wanted to hear about NGE! And I haven’t seem Gurren Lagann yet; spoilers! Spoilers everywhere!
Okay, after the panel I got a ticket for autographs, but I ended up not going. I didn’t have anything forhem to sign (and didn’t really care that much). Antonio and I tried toxins some manga that wasn’t yaoi; it took a while. Then Antonio went to line up for the Gurren Lagann movie. I was alone for an hour because William and gemma were in a clay sculpting thing. I bough Aoi House Omnibusses 1 and 2. I had the first issue last year and really enjoyed it! I also bought Battle Club volume 1. It’s about wrestling and stars a bunch of scantily clad women (one of whom has a penis) with a lot of comedy and mature fan service.
I also bought some adult dating games from jlist. Cosplay Fetish Academy is a normal dating sim in which “reality had changed around us, and these sexy uniforms and othe costumes were now completely normal!” I also bought Lightning Warrior Raidy, an adult dungeon crawler. You can fight sexy enemies and rescue sexy prisoners! They threw in two free DVD non-adult interactive fiction games, Hourglass of Summer and The Society of a Witch. They also gave out complementary tissue, haha!
Now we have four hours to kill before the jlist panel on dating sims!
Well, we were too lazy for that panel. We stayed in the hotel and went to Korean B.B.Q. Plus for dinner. Tasty! Now I’m going to read manga a little before going to bed. Looking forward to tomorrow!

Day 0 Night

Found a restaurant called Olive Branch in the Bonaventure. We got a gyro, hummus, chicken, rice, salad, and sprite for $18. Then I hung out in the room looking through the schedule and watching a tv show called Burn Notice on USA. It was interesting. Before bed I put everything that looked interesting to me in my phone’s calendar. Ready to go!

Day 0

Got to the Bonaventure around 1:00. They let us check in despite our check-in time being 3:00. Hung out in the room and acted pervy towards William for a while. AX registration started at 3:00, but we got there around 3:30. The line was huge and in the sun. Apparently the computers were down. Ethan said something got unplugged. We played Contact (verbal game, not DS) the whole time. So much fun!
Got badges by 5:30 or so and then had to wait in line for AMV tickets until 7:30. We had to pick up William’s ticket for him because he was too good for us! (He met friends for dinner.) The guy in front of me asked the three girls from the AniMaid Cafe for hugs. He actually wants to pay $25 to have dinner and play games with girls dressed as maids. Food better be good.