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Reaction to Nintendo’s E3 press conference

E3: Nintendo’s Press Conference and a Touch of Yesterday | Blog | Game Boyz
The bad:

  • Some ports of older titles

The good:

  • New Mario game for Wii U
  • New Mario game for 3DS
  • Wii Fit U with pedometer
  • NintendoLand amusement park game for Wii U with other Nintendo franchises as minigames
  • Moving a game (not all) from TV to gamepad
  • Zombi U, Ubisoft’s survival-horror, with real-time inventory management on gamepad while game world on TV

Chuck’s Challenge 3D Beta – Package A – Full Playthrough

After sharing a short clip of the Chuck’s Challenge 3D beta the other day, I decided to record some more. There are different packages of levels, and this is a full playthrough of the first package. Keep in mind that this is only the beta. Things are likely to change.
Despite playing Chuck’s Challenge on the iPhone, I had a great time playing CC3D. Besides being 3D of course, there were a few other changes that made it different enough to keep it fresh. If you fond memories of playing Chip’s Challenge on the PC, make sure to try out Chuck’s Challenge 3D!

Guns of Icarus Online Beta Gameplay Video

I recorded my first match in the Guns of Icarus Online beta. I don’t have the intention of writing a full preview right now, but I have a little bit to say. My opinion on the game is mixed. As a proof of concept, it’s good. We’ll just need to see how popular the game is when it retails and if the bugs are fixed.
Audio is fine, and the style of the graphics is very cool. It doesn’t look to be a AAA title in this department, and that’s okay. However, the gameplay is a little troublesome. I had a lot of trouble just running around the airship. The core concept of the game is fighting with other ships; the core of the gameplay I saw was trying not to fall off the ship, especially when it felt like I’d sometimes move through the railing.
The beta didn’t have enough people playing to have full teams. This meant that I was running back and forth between gunning and piloting. I imagine the game would be much more awesome if I was working on a coherent team. Note that I said “coherent team.” Simply being on a team that doesn’t work together isn’t enough. However, if the person piloting is actually talking to the gunners, it could be very cool. The game pitted two ships on the red team against two on the blue team, I think. It would help if I could figure out whether another ship was red or blue though!
It’s too early to know for sure how the game is going to be. I’m definitely still excited to play it more. I think the true test will be when there are enough people to have full games!

Chuck’s Challenge 3D

The beta of Chuck’s Challenge 3D was released for some Kickstarter supporters recently, and I had the chance to try it out. It’s a port of the iOS game, Chuck’s Challenge, which is itself similar to the amazing Chip’s Challenge from the Lynx and PC. The video is short because it’s just a quick look at the game. You’ll have to excuse a couple times where nothing seems to be happening; I was trying various inputs just to see how it worked.

Interview with Royal Quest Developer

Royal Quest Interview | Preview | Game Boyz

In my coverage of Another Night in Moscow 2011, the 1C Company press event, I discussed a new MMORPG, Royal Quest. I had the chance to get some of my questions about the game answered by the developers. For those who missed my initial coverage, let me recap a bit about Royal Quest. Developed by Katauri Interactive, Royal Quest is a colorful, vibrant game that seemed like a fast-paced click-fest. While it has lots of modern MMO ideas in it, I see echoes of Diablo and Ragnarok Online in its core gameplay, and I really enjoyed what I played of it. I was told that you could acquire castles, lakes, goldmines, and gardens as well fight others for their territory, raise pets, find rare cards, and earn loot through PVP. I’d recommend reading my preview in my last article if you’re interested or watching the trailer. You’ll find my interview following full of clarifications and additional information about Royal Quest. Do note that as English is not the developers’ primary language, I took the liberty of editing the responses for clarity. After some answers, I’ve included my commentary on the answer.

Yay for interviews!

Another Night in Moscow 2011

Another Night in Moscow 2011 | Preview | Game Boyz

Last week I had the pleasure of attending Another Night in Moscow 2011. It was my second time attending Russian game publisher 1C Company’s fantastic annual event held at the Russian Consulate in San Francisco. Founded in 1991, 1C Company is the largest publisher and distributor of video games in Eastern and Central Europe. On 7/7, I got to check out all of their latest and greatest titles, eat authenticate Russian food, and of course, drink a lot of vodka.