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Day Two

I woke up around 9:45 this morning so I could shower before going to see Uncle Rocco’s new house. I liked it! I’m sure he’ll enjoy it here, and I’m really glad that Tiger can be closer to her grandparents.

Afterwards we went to Ta Ta’s (weird name) for sushi. Despite the name, it’s just a regular sushi restaurant. I got sox hand rolls and a few other small things. Delicious! Then we went to my grandparents’ house for a little bit. I looked at Gramps’ awesome office. He has his computer, DS, PSP, DVD players, HD-DVD players, blu-ray players, DVD recorders, and multiple portable DVD players all within arm’s reach. I was pretty surprised that he had a substantial game collection for DS and PSP. While I was there I also got to see Tilly! I’m really glad I got to see her!
After getting back to the hotel, we went to Auntie D.’s room. Her friend just so happened to be staying here! What a coincidence! She had her son and daughter with her who are friends with Mitchell and Haley and seem about the same age.
Mom, James, Mitch, and the two new kids went to see the shark exhibit! It was pretty cool. It wasn’t totally amazing, but I enjoyed seeing all the cool animals. I think the two hunger kids really enjoyed it. The girl (I don’t recall her name) was absolutely adorable and pointed out all the fascinating things she saw.
We had a little down time after that before going to dinner at Raffle’s Cafe. I think that was the name! We took a lot of photos before eating. I just had a chicken Caesar salad, and it was decent. I sat next to Tiger, who sat next to Haley with Mitch on her other side, and boy were those kids loud. Then there were more photos!
After dinner I went back to the room with James, and later Mom joined us. We watched Malcom in the Middle and George Lopez, and I played some Platinum, evolving my shiny Magikarp into a shiny Gyrados! Then I took a shower before getting in the bath to watch The Office! I left a towel on the side to dry my hands and keep my iPhone dry. It got a little foggy, but I think it was fine. For some reason, my left headphone wasn’t working properly. I hope it’s the headphones an not the phone! It didn’t really work out as well as I had hoped. Also, I had taken so long in the shower that I started to get wrinkly fingers and toes, plus it was a bit too hot. I ended up only watching half of an episode before decidingto get out of the tub. That’s when I noticed the the edge of the towel had fallen in the water! Oh well, I dried off with it anyways! Tomorrow we leave at 8 fo home!
Now I’m going to watch The Office, play Platinum, and enjoy the awesome view of the Strip!