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English Final Day

I think the final went okay. I didn’t really like the essays though. I couldn’t remember Cassio’s name when writing about Othello, but it eventually came to me.
Herbert’s lab group was in the counselling center. He said that Robby now goes to lab to listen to directions and such when they’re not there. That’s pretty sad.
While standing around by the vending machines with Shaun, Matthew, and Anthony, some shirtless dude came walking from around the gym towards that vending machine near the front of the gym. He was only wearing shorts, he was hairy, and he was very ugly. We just started cracking up, and I think he noticed. I guess the vending machine didn’t work because he turned towards us. Matthew ran into the SAC the rest of us just continued talking. The ugly dude came up to use the vending machines. We got really silent, trying to hold in our laughter. Matthew came out thinking he had gone and just walked right past us. I asked him if he wanted to stay and talk. He walked around the corner and then began laughing. Finally the ugly guy left. God damn it was funny. And someone was talking about Andrei. He said that Andrei doesn’t like blacks, but basically wants to be black. There were some funny impersonations of him too.
I hung out with Jaysen, Herbert, and Robby for a while. We had a tic-tac-toe tournament, and I did my graduation speech impressions. I talked with them for a while, wandered around, and then talked with Anthony while waiting for my dad. Now it is weekend. I like weekend.

IDP, Starbucks, Movie Night, UCI

Jaysen and I met with Shirin to talk about IDP. I guess her parents worked out all of our figures. All I need to do is the write up and the graphs. That’s cool I guess. I’m going to send it to her by Saturday night.
After IDP, Jaysen and I sought Herbert. We printed and passed out some surveys for him and then dragged him to Starbucks with us. I had a chocolate
brownie frappuccino while relaxing and talking. Our money got all mixed up. I guess I owe Herbert two dollars.
Then I went to Movie Night hosted by Yearbook. I made Jaysen go with me too. At the door, Fisher said it was $25. I said “so… by $25, you mean $3, right?” He just laughed and agreed. They were playing School of Rock, but I was more interested in relaxing with friends. We found Judy and hung out with her the whole time. Fun stuff man.
I decided to go ahead and finally do it. So um, I’m an anteater now. Go UCI? I accepted, applied for housing, and accepted all financial aid. I think that’s all I have to do at this point. Someone let me know if I’m mistaken.
Should I go to that party Ian’s been pushing? I’ll have to find a ride and two dollars tomorrow. Looking into a tux on Saturday afternoon.
No homework tonight. Four hour English finals aren’t all bad it seems. ^^;;

Twenty-four more days of school

Lan said that some people play basketball during physics. That means that they’re right outside of the administration building and ditching class. Maybe Baker doesn’t care as much.
I like how Gian claimed that he wasn’t missing his Sound and Sense book. He said that he just left it at home. I guess he didn’t realize that Ms. Maruna already had his book. Nancy read “nowhere” as “now here.” Wilbert and I kept laughing throughout the period.
Achala and Shirin took notes in Fisher’s today during that PowerPoint presentation. I swear, they try too hard. Robby made sound effects for Fisher because his sound wasn’t working. It was pretty funny. He did explosions and stuff. And Eloka thought that Watergate was the name of the front gate at the White House.
Today on the way to lunch May approached me. She introduced herself saying that I didn’t know her even though I did. She pointed out her friend and said that they wanted to borrow my backpack. I think by backpack she was referring to my laptop case. I asked her what she wanted it for, and then she requested my jacket, shoes, or sunglasses instead. I kept asking her what she wanted them for. She said “oh, so that’s a no then?” I told her that it wasn’t a no, but that I wanted to know what she wanted my stuff for. She took that as a no. Sort of confusing. I bet they were trying to see how many people they could get to give them stuff or something. Oh well.

Crazy Starbucks Allahh Racing Part II

First, read the bwaht post about the adventure. Then read Kamal’s.
To emphasize:
The main reason for this entry is to get people to read the bwaht post. But I also want to mention something in response to Kamal’s lj post.
“…I drove very calmy and maturely on the way to starbucks, however, i drove a little crazier on the way back…”
A little crazier? Kamal, you’re a fuckin’ psycho man, haha. Some of the things you did were just stupid. Jaysen, Wilbert, and I were cracking up when you switched back and forth between lanes a few times on Sepulveda. Then on Carson you tried to merge into another fucking car… in an interesection, I might add.
“…I cut off only one person (russell), despite the protests of all the witnesses in cars that were in front of me = /…”
More than one person… and almost into one, lol.
“…and kinda raced back to CAMS. I was under the impression that we were all racing so yeah…”
While we knew that Russell wasn’t racing, we were under the impression that we were racing too. And that’s why we beat you! pwnd! And actually Wilbert kept trying to give Jaysen lessons on how to race. Valenjoi actually got back first though. lol
In summary: :-* Kamal.

Allah, Starbucks, Camille’s stories, porn honking, CAMS administration

Today on our way to Starbucks, we noticed a car with the plate “<3ALLAHH" in front of us. It backed up, pulled up beside Russell, and something happened. Later we found out that the guy heard Jon talk about him and tried to yell something at them but got screamed at by the girls in the back first. Or something. I'm sure there will be a bwaht post about it.
There were ten people in our party today, I think. We’re getting quite large. Camille told us some interesting stories, heh. First she told us that she’s learned from pictures that her friend’s boyfriend has a huge penis. It’s funny when she talks about stuff like that because she’s amazingly cute and has such a high, feminine voice. Then she talked about her aunt who happens to be male. Camille claims she’s really pretty. Apparently Jimmy met her and said she was really hot before finding out that she was a male. As Camille told us the story, she sometimes used “she” and sometimes “he” to refer to her aunt. There was a constant “‘She’? You mean ‘he.’ No, ‘it’!” It was pretty funny.
Jon said he was going to get prom reservations so I asked him to reserve a seat for me too. Other people wanted reservations too. He had a list of ten people to reserve seats for. I dunno if he got them, but I hope so.
Wilbert made a sign that said “honk if u like porn!!!” so we put it in the window on the way back. Russell was the only person who honked, lol. And fuck, Kamal is a horrible driver. He was like switching lanes randomly and cutting people off. I don’t really know what he was thinking. This is why you shouldn’t trust people from India, haha.
I was working with the Halls of Justice project today in Gonzales’s. Apparently the 10th grade caught heat for allowing our project on the underrepresentation of gays in history. That amuses me.

Great Gravy Patches yo

My mom came over at 7 o’clock last night. She wanted to look for a tux for me but didn’t know where to go. I thought it was too late, but she claimed we’d be able to go. After looking through the phone book for a while and not finding anything, she realized I was right. Pete was going to come too but Mom also realized that she forgot to tell him. Har. So we went out to dinner instead to Black Angus. Quite yummy. I had prime rib, prawns, lobster, a baked potato, salad, cheesy bread, and chocolate fudge cake with ice cream. God, it was so tasty. I should get food like that more ofen.
Scrubs is awesome. I’m not going to pull a Roda and explain the episode or anything. I just want to say that I love it.
I slept a lot last night. I went to bed around 11 or 11:30. I had a few dreams. In my main dream, I was a doctor in Scrubs. I think at some parts I was myself (as a doctor) and at other parts J.D. There was a dying boy who had cancer-like symptoms, but it wasn’t cancer. I couldn’t figure out what was wrong with him and while I’m sure doctors must live with patients dying all the time, I really really cared about this patient. I went and found Dr. Cox and begged him to do something to help. It was something specific, but I don’t remember what it was now. Eventually we decided to tell him that he was better even though he wasn’t. We were hoping that it was psychological, and if he believes he’s better then he’ll get better. I think it worked, but I don’t know for sure. In my next dream I was in Fisher’s classroom, but Lewis was the teacher. There were beds in the classroom for some reason, and one of the beds was specifically mine. I was in it eating Cheez-its. Lewis made some comment to me, and I thought I was in trouble, but she just wanted some of them. Then in my final dream, Dr. Clark was attractive and younger. She didn’t want me to hate her and wanted to talk with me so I’d become comfortable around her. It was scary.
Okay, and a little thing about WebPageless. redirects to which redirects to my IP address. Now it appears that all my hits come from Whatever.

Twenty-six more days of high school

First off, I have no homework tonight. Fuck you school. I win this time. Does that mean I’ll get eight hours of sleep or more tonight? I’m doubtful.
Looking through my old notes, I found something of [very] slight interest. Ms. Maruna called Anthony and Jimmy the “Bopsy Twins.” Right.
Filer entered Fisher’s room today and asked for the date of yearbook distribution. She said that the district needed it. Fisher jokingly said June 15. Filer thanked him and started to leave. Everyone busted up laughing. No one pointed out that June 15 was after graduation, but Fisher gave her a more realistic date.
Shirin wants to meet Thursday after school with me to go over and… finish up (I think)… the financial projections for IDP. Um, finish up? I’m still waiting for the updated figures damn it, lol. Whatever. I guess it’s okay for her to be closer to me in this because I’m not actually in the wrong.
Barnes said that if we don’t dress Thursday, he’s going to drop us from the class or fail us. He claimed he told us last week. Wtf? I know he didn’t tell us. I didn’t attend school Tuesday, and Thursday I ditched Team Sports. I don’t understand why we have to carry clothes around all day when we don’t do anything anyways. I guess it’s better than having to do stuff though.
My mom’s coming over at 7 o’clock tonight to go look at tuxs and have dinner. She said we could go to Red Lobster or Black Angus for dinner. Good.
Pete sent me Hearts in Atlantis and a t-shirt. The shirt says “Windows XP” on the front and “Security” on the back. Under the word “Security” there’s a security logo with the XP colors. Coolness.

Twenty-seven more days of school

The calculus test wasn’t too bad. The only problem I really screwed up on was integral(arccot(x)dx). I did integration by parts, using arccot(x) as u and 1 as dv. Differentiating u gave me -1/(1+x^2)^(1/2) and integrating 1dx gave me x. I wasn’t sure how to integrate (-1/(1+x^2)^(1/2))xdx, so I just copied the formula off of my note sheet, which was xarccot(x) + 0.5ln(abs(x^2 + 1)) + C. I didn’t draw a triangle though at all. I’ll still get okay credit.
In Calc 1, Chris was absent and Brooke sat with Judy at some other table. This meant Jaysen and I were alone, and this meant we were sad. I was literally bouncing though when I discovered that was up. Happy happy.
Soon it was off to… physics. Right, anyways when Herbert pulled up he couldn’t make the turn into the parking space so he got out and let Kamal park his car. We thought it was pretty hilarious. Sorry, Sir. Wilbert was telling us about Antoinette pushing Heather down a few years ago. Antoinette hit Wilbert, and Wilbert then jokingly tried to pay different girls $1 to hit her back. Heather said she’d do it for free and pushed Antoinette. Antoinette pushed Heather back, causing her to stumble backwards through the doors of the SAC, fall to the ground, and roll a few times. That’s pretty amusing.
And apparently Andrei had a pretend gf once. He made a screen name and then talked to people while pretending to be his own girl friend. tisk tisk Andrei, only you’re that lame, haha.
When Jaysen and I were pulling up to a parking space at CAMS, the person in the car next to the space open their car door. We waited patiently, and it turned out to be Ms. Carl

CAMS Fest (Edited)

CAMS Fest was pretty fucking cool. I hope they continue to have them even though I won’t be around to see them. It started off a bit slow, but I still like the idea of giving the not-so-great musicians a chance to perform in the show as well. The first thing of interest was an air guitar contest in which Almeida participated. It was pretty cool. Well, he was pretty cool anyways.
The actual good music started when Motherly played. Er, mediocre music, I should say. And I checked; it’s still in my profile. Motherly and Phantasthma were the only good groups. I like Motherly a lot more than Phantasthma though. I turned on my recording of it to check the quality and it’s still playing just because I want to listen. They played some songs I had heard before and some new ones. It was all really good. It was hard to hear the lyrics sometimes though, which sucks because I like Gian’s singing. I could hardly hear the lyrics at all in Feigned GP (at least that’s what the mp3 was called), and I could only “hear” the lyrics because I already heard it.
Phantasthma played after Motherly. They’re good, but I don’t like them as much as Motherly, and they’re way too full of themselves. It seems to me that Phantasthma is trying to fit a cliche rather than just play music. Danny’s younger brother played with them at one point. Man, that kid tries way too hard. He did have talent, but he’s not teh greatast rock star ever in the world omg!!11!. And a girl had an “I (heart) Phantasthma” shirt on. Heh. Nevertheless, they are a good band. Danny plays the keyboard during parts of songs, which I like. Not that the keyboard is the only good aspect of them. They play good music. Anyways, moving on…
Between Motherly and Phantasthma, Osvaldo played. He has real talent, it’s just too bad he didn’t have a band, lol. At one point, Danny and Osvaldo slid their guitars onto their backs, leaned over eachother, and played the other’s guitar. That was pretty cool.
Everyone who didn’t attend really missed out. This was far better than Holidays Around the World, Talent Show, Dance Show, Spirit Rally, etc. Hopefully I’ll get it encoded soon. Right Chris? Thanks.
Edit: I like how I didn’t mention Matthew. And by like, I mean don’t like. Sorry. Matt sang with Motherly for one (was it just one?) song. When he first started, I thought he wasn’t very good. Then I kept listening. Matt was really good. The style was much different than Motherly’s other songs, and I thought it was cool that they performed together. Hopefully I’ll see Matt perform again.