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Future Updates

Future Updates:
Cheryl’s house day 1
Cheryl’s house day 2
Cheryl’s house day 3
Business Convention
After school fun on Friday
Van Helsing review
Zot (new laptop, tentative name)
End of high school thoughts

Prom / David’s Party

I was really amazed to attend the CAMS prom. I hadn’t expected to make it to prom. I hadn’t expected to graduate. Only two weeks left.
Taking photos with friends took a lot longer than expected, but eventually Alex drove me to prom. It was a lot of fun, but I still don’t understand why it took so long to plan. Kamal and Russell were paid to take pictures together. I hadn’t intended to nor thought I’d dance, but Gemma asked me to once. I also danced with Herbert. Pictures will be up when I have more time. (You’d think I’d have a lot of time now.) Besides the pasta, the food wasn’t all that great. The pasta had some tasty sauce on it. At least, I thought the sauce was for the pasta. Perhaps it wasn’t. Tasty nevertheless.
The DJ would announce the Laker game scores periodically. I wasn’t interested, but I thought it was pretty cool that he did it. During “Who Let the Dogs Out,” Murat barked along with the song. That guy is amazing. His dancing was pretty cool too. Matthew Polichetti was there “dancing.” The guy can play DDR (doesn’t really look good doing it though), but his dancing was pretty scary. If anyone has pictures /video clips of him dancing, I’d like them.
Cheryl was prom queen, and David was prom king. I was/am very pleased with the results. I have pictures of that, too. I’ll post eventually.
David’s after party was pretty cool. Some stuff happened I rather not talk about, but it was very fun. VJ was pretty hilarious, and I met Joel, who’s cool. He told Brannon that he was pretty cool for a black guy, or something along those lines, lol. The homophobic tendencies of some people were funny, as was the guy who pissed on the dishwasher in the kitchen. I slept on David’s living room carpet for a few hours and went home around 11.

Jane Eyre

Jane Eyre was performed Monday and Tuesday nights. After seeing it Monday, I thought that it was the worst performance I had ever seen CAMS give. It’s not that I didn’t enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed all the productions I have seen at CAMS, but one of them has to be the worst. After seeing it Tuesday, I thought it was the best.
Although Hanah played Jane Eyre Monday and Jasmine Tuesday, they had nothing to do with my preference of Tuesday’s show. They were the two most talented people on stage. I think what really made me enjoy Tuesday was the fact that I knew what the hell was going on. On Monday, I was very confused. There was a scene Monday with a fire. As Jane and Rochester tried to put the fire out, I sat in the second row of the audience with a confused look on my face until Christine informed me that they were suppose to be putting out a fire. Not only did I already know it was a fire on Tuesday, there was fire lighting that was pretty cool.
Speaking of that, the lighting and curtain control was not very good either day although the lighting was better on Tuesday. The make-up and sets were good on both days though. The painted backgrounds were good besides the absence of eyes on the hills, the tree was pretty cool, and the window was great as well. The burns on Rochester were also good. Part of the window was cut out and on a hinge so that the wooden window could open when Bertha jumped out the window. On Monday, she jumped into it without first kicking it open, hurting herself and surprising the people waiting to catch her. Things went more smoothly Tuesday though. The orchestra was pretty horrible for both performances. Ryan was conductor and has great musical talent, but his talent alone was not enough to create a nice sounding orchestra. I have heard that the music was very difficult and that the orchestra was given little time to practice. I don’t know if this is true, but I do know that they were out of tune and left me wondering if anyone knew how to play his or her instrument.
As I’ve said before, Hanah and Jasmine both performed wonderfully. Hanah is a better actress. She shows the right emotion and the right amount of that emotion for the given scene. Jasmine has an incredibly beautiful voice. She could probably stop the war if she’d sing to the Iraqis. Yeah, I know. I wouldn’t really want to send her to Iraq though =/
I liked Mike Iinuma as Rochester. He did very well although he wasn’t superb. Erin Schumacher played Helen Burns. She only had a small part in the beginning, but I thought she did very well. I liked Jennifer Hom as the young Jane, especially knowing how little time she laerned her lines in. Jenny Shatts played Adele, Rochester’s daughter. I thought she was the most annoying girl I had ever seen on Monday, but liked her on Tuesday. Either way, she did a great job portraying the character. Finally, Susan Villatoro did an amazing job at playing Bertha Mason. She looked scary, eerie, and almost demonic. She seemed to be the perfect fit for the character. Her movements on stage were great, and her shrill cries were truly frightening.
I think one of the things that worked out well for this Jane Eyre production was that the audience took serious parts seriously. Les Miserables the play (not the CAMS production) is much better than Jane Eyre in my opinion, but during the CAMS production of Les Mis, the performance wasn’t taken seriously. People laughed when they shouldn’t during almost every scene. Not that I didn’t enjoy it. On the contrary, I loved it. Jane Eyre just received more of the intended reaction.
Jane Eyre was great regardless of what other losers have told you. I’ll miss these plays next year.

Thirteen more days of high school

It seems a lot of people liked that entry about my dad talking to me. I don’t think I’ll mention what he taught me today.
The Calculus II test was moved to Monday. This pleases me. During Calculus I, I played Warfare Incorporated. I spent most of English talking to Jasmine and others about drama. I’ll get to that review damn it. Government sucked. I have to redo all the finances for the business plan. My slot at the convention is from 9:30 to 10:00, and I work with Ernie. I’m glad to be working with someone who understands the product fully.
During physics, I hung out in the counselling center. I played some arcade games after lunch, talked to Daniel, and then, eventually, went to McDonald’s with Herbert, Jaysen, and William. Afterwards, I went to McVay’s room and talked with Mrs. McVay, Ms. McVay, Hanah, Hanah’s mom, David, Alex, Herbert, and Jaysen. Fun people. Everybody left besides the McVays so I stayed talking with them until 6 o’clock or so. I think there should be more of them. 🙁

School, Physics, Condoms, Lynx

Calculus II was average today. During English, Wilbert and I argued with Russell. He didn’t believe us that the United States controls the weather with machines. He still thinks nature is responsible for the weather. Hah! During government I hung out in Ramey’s with “muh peepz.” Shaun came to Spanish again, and Bravo talked to him and let him to stay. I couldn’t stopped giggling at the new vocabulary word “negar.” During team sports, we played tennis again, which was pretty funny. I tried using two rackets today. And Alex got hit in the head with a tennis ball. Accidently, sure…
Physics grades were posted. I have 100% in the class without lab or final. That’s pretty cool. I can’t not pass the class at this point. I probably won’t, but I’d like to study optics over the summer.
Javier couldn’t meet today, so we’re going to meet after school Monday.
I guess the idea of prom triggered a father algorithm in my dad because he decided to talk to me about how condoms can fail and told me to take some Saturday. It wasn’t a big talk luckily. While talking about prom, he said “you better bring some rubbers.” I told him that I don’t carry condoms for the off chance that I have sex. He then told me that they don’t always work and that he’ll buy me some tomorrow.
It seemed a bit odd to me. I know that stereotypically a lot guys think prom is the night they have to have sex, but I don’t think that’s really the case. I’m not looking to have sex at all. Besides, I don’t see the chances of having sex much higher during prom than any other time. It was kind of funny, but I don’t mind. I’ll take ’em if he wants me to, and I’m obviously not embarrassed about the conversation.
I tried batteries I knew to be good in my Lynx, and it wouldn’t turn on. I guess it’s dead. =(
There’s no homework tonight. I plan the following:

  • Finish Excel sheet for final lab
  • Send lab sheet to Cheryl
  • Collect calculus assignments for Jon
  • Make notes sheet for calculus test
  • Write review of Jane Eyre

Fifteen more days of high school

Very tired. I slept duing Calc II and talked during Calc I. God Matthew is funny. I lovez him. We worked on IDP during break, and then I slept. I got a 7 out of 19 on my physics test, beating both Joseph and Jon. Hahz! We went to Starbucks again where I used up my gift card. Russell took off while Jaysen was in the bathroom in order to beat him back. I went with him because, well, I wanted to win! TAing for Gonzales was fun. He’s going to talk to his wife about getting me a job building computers over the summer. And I’m going with Andrei tomorrow to see Javier. It’d be cool to get that MCP this summer. I have to go pick up my tux tomorrow after hanging out with Andrei and Javier. Dad okayed me going to a friend’s after prom. I installed Docs to go finally on my Clie. And 152 found Jane Eyre mp3s for me! Okay. Bye.


First, I forgot to mention that I saw Bravo at Starbucks on Monday.
After school today I hung out with Roda, Abril, Amanda, and Achala. We went to McDonald’s, Ikea, Starbucks, and Jolleybee’s. The food was weird at Jolleybee’s. And that might be spelled incorrectly; I don’t feel like checking. But they would at least break my hundred. Starbucks wouldn’t. It was fun hanging out with them. I’d write more, but I’m really tired.
The play seemed much better today. I understand the story now! I hung out with Avi a lot. He distracts from the play a lot, lol. Jennifer Damm was there. Nice to see her again. K bye.

Monday / Tuesday

I was very tired yesterday. I would have slept at an okay time if Roda wasn’t online, but she’s interesting to talk to. Anyways, during Calculus II I thought about studying for the physics test but decided to do little/nothing instead. Jaysen worked on his study guide during Calculus I, so I figured I’d copy his when he was done and played Warfare Incorporated. During break I started to copy Jaysen’s study guide but talked to Jon instead.
I was leaning towards not going to the test, but I wanted a copy of the test. We decided to show up, take the tests, and leave but then changed to plan to include taking the test and just guessing for everything. I photocopied Jaysen’s study guide anyways just to use to study off of, and then we went to physics. Joseph came too, and Joseph, Jon, and myself guessed on all the multiple choice, filled in crap on the three free response, and turned in the tests. Newman came out after us and asked us what we were doing. She told us to take the test even if we’re not prepared. We informed her that we weren’t prepared at all and have grades high enough to make this test not matter. She said that it looked like we were about to go to an interview and if we had somewhere to be we were free to go.
Please read the related story at bwaht.
The three of us walked to KFC where I spent $10, and then I had to get back to physics lab. Linda had finished the one that was due that day. We worked on our make up lab, the lens and mirrors lab. I mentioned to Cheryl that my “dream team” would be Imai and Wiley. And then Imai came in to the room, and both Wiley and Imai helped us work on the lab. It was amazing. Sexually. Imai told me to make a rays diagram, and I told him that I wasn’t familiar with that term. He told me that it would be on my next test. I thought about it for a few seconds before realizing that it was probably on the test from that day, and I just wouldn’t know anything about it.
I walked around for a while, talking with Ian and some underclassman who seems to be involved with dance. He was pretty cool, but I have no clue who he is. I then went to the theater with Gemma and Antonio where I finally beat Warfare Incorporated. I still have the challenge missions to play, and I can try it on hard mode. There was an underclassman there with his girlfriend talking to some drama people. He started rubbing her ass, which we immaturely commented on to eachother but really wasn’t anything. Then the guy started pushing his hands between her ass cheeks and squeezing pretty hard. It was pretty funny. We kept laughing (and I crossed my legs). When they left we yelled “bye” and “thank you.” I don’t know if they understood or not.
I went to the cafeteria to eat with Andrei, and we talked to Javier on the phone. We’re gonna go see him after school on Thursday, and we discussed taking a Microsoft Certified Professional test.
After finding Herbert, he took William and me to Starbucks where I bought an expresso brownie and a venti strawberries and creme frappaccino. I had never had that drink before, and it was pretty good. When we got back, we headed to the theater. I sat in the second row with Ryo, Genevieve, Linh-Nam, Christine, Xavier, Cheryl, Gian, and David Hoang. I enjoyed watching a lot, but I won’t discuss the play here because it will have its own post tonight/tomorrow. After intermission, Christine and Xavier left, but Alex took their place. When it was over, people came out on stage as always. When Chris came out, I screamed like crazy. It hurt my voice.
Linh-Nam offered to drive me from the theater to the SACs. It was quite the adventure. Linh-Nam noticed a spider hanging between him and the steering wheel. He pulled back from it, but it fell on to his chair. He scooted to the left, I scooted to the right, and we were both laughing. It started walking around and we both squirmed to stay away from it while still driving (slowly through the parking lot). Later I pointed at his lap and yelled “there it is.” He jumped. Fun times.
It was 1:30 by the time I showered and finished my exploration so I just went to bed. I did the first problem of the calculus homework in the car on the way to school this morning and got it stamped as incomplete. I’ll do it later. I brought a calculus book today so I can work on homework after school.
Although I brought the book, I found out that Roda’s staying today for the show too, so I’m going to see what she’s up to after school and go with her and her friends (if that’s cool with everyone at the time). I also pointed out to Maruna that Roda’s name tag said “Rodo.” She laughed and said that she was still Roda.
Okay, more later.


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