Monthly Archives: November 2004


This weekend was pretty awesome. Gemma and I had planned to go see Live Nude People With Clothes On. I was just hanging around before that in the evening. I was talking to Christine on the phone, and she decided to drive down to visit. Gemma and I went to the show, and it was great. I really enjoy seeing Live Nude People. (That sounds funny if you don’t know that they’re an improv group.) Christine got here around 12:15. It was really nice to see her again; it had been a long time. Later that night, a few of us decided to go to Del Taco, and then we watched movies.
On Saturday I took Gemma’s movie back (and Rebecca’s too, which I wasn’t supposed to… whoops) and then went to Starbucks with Christine. We got back and did nothing for a while. Then, Gemma, Christine, Toni and I went to Jack-in-the-Box for lunch. I saw my mom, Pete, and James this weekend too. Christine and I went to my mom’s for dinner on Saturday. We had tasty steaks and watched I, Robot. It was surprisingly good, despite what Christine thinks, lol. After getting back, I hung out with Gemma for a while.
On Sunday morning, Christine left. I spent most of the day doing homework. Stupid, stupid homework.
And then there’s Christine and Vince. ^___^
Great weekend.

Lab Exam 3, Writing

I stayed up so late last night doing work. I was dead tired. I never did get the lab working. I had two large worksheets to do for writing, and I BSed one of them. I went to bed around 7. I had trouble with the exam at first until I realized that when trying to get a character from a string, the method isn’t getChar() nor char(). It’s charAt(). And then I turned it in fully working. I came back, ditched math lecture again, and did my second worksheet. It was even more BS than the first one. It turned out that they weren’t collected; they were just rought drafts. Oh well. Anyways, happy about the lab.

Tungsten, Target, iTunes, Chatting

Today was really great. I slept through most of ICS lecture along with Andy. We all had lunch, and then I came back to the dorm. I fooled around a little and studied for calc out in the common room with Russ. I fucked up on the quiz but probably still got a B. My dad called to let me know about a Tungsten C on eBay… I asked him to bid on it, and we won at $212. That’s pretty cool.
I went to Target with Russell. I bought some sope, bread (for Will, lol), and a safe. I attempted to buy a tamagotchi, but they were sold out. I also picked up Office Space and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Yup.
We watched Office Space and went out for pizza. When we got back, I ended up playing some video games with Will and Patrick. Patrick beat me in an All-Cup tour. I started ripping some of Will’s music and went to Blockbuster with Gemma. After we got back, I slowly working on reading/highlighting Tan’s essay while talking with everybody. Gemma left around 12:30, which was pretty early. I spent the rest of the night just hanging out and talking. I got iTunes working pretty well and really enjoy it now. Gabby and Toni went out for food. I’m happy and full. It was a lot of fun. Now… I’ll go slack off some more.

Amy Tan

I had a dream last night that I went to a clothes store with Toni, Gemma, and I think Jaysen. We were looking at shirts when Gemma suggested we all have dinner. We started to walk away, but I noticed a shirt I wanted so I went back. The store owner shoved me, took my ring, and tried to take something else I had. He threw my ring to a woman who turned out to be Amy Tan. Then, he shoved me, and Amy Tan tried to strangle me. I eventually got the ring back and ran outside with Amy Tan following me. I tried calling for the police, but I had lost my voice. Finally, I found two midget cops who tired to help me. Amy Tan got away though.
I don’t really like Amy Tan. I don’t want to do an in-class essay about her.

Movie, Dinner with Gem; Dinner with Will and Parents

I saw The Incredibles with Gemma on Friday. The theater was about three miles away, and we had to walk there, but it was nice. The movie was really good, better than I expected. A lot of people saw it this weekend actually. Afterwards, we went to JACKshrimp. We had some very tasty gulf shrimp. The walk back was really nice too… the stars were out, and the sky was beautiful.
Will got his Alienware desktop this weekend. It’s 3.6 GHz P4 with 1 GB of RAM. It’s a nice system, but he hasn’t got it fully working yet. I met his parents, and they’re really nice. They took Will, me, and a couple other guys to dinner at the hotel they were staying at. Oh God, was that a good meal. I had shrimp cocktails, a very fresh salad, a porterhouse steak, and a chocolate fudge cake. I wish I could explain how great the meal was. His parents are really cool too. They said we could go with Will home for the weekend sometime.
After dinner, we went to Sports Chalet. They wanted to buy ping pong paddles. Will actually bought a $60 one. I bought a $2.99 just because I wanted to buy a cheap one. I’m not even any good at ping pong. We then played some Mario Kart followed by Mario Party 5. I came in 4th behind Will, Patrick, and a CPU. I also took turns getting calls from Gemma and Christine all night. Speaking of calls, I paid my phone bill and changed my plan to have 2000 anytime minutes. $120/month bill now though, heh.

Classes, Starbucks, Del Taco, Hanging Out

I stayed awake for the first half of lecture. We played Monopoly and then I played Tetris. And then I fell asleep. Jacobson was talking about errors and how in some programs, such as games, you want to try to hide the error so the game doesn’t get interrupted. He said something about being on the 47th floor with a few beholders in front of you. I thought it was awesome that he made a Dungeons & Dragons reference.
After eating lunch, I came back to the dorm to hang out with Gemma, Russell, Jay, and Toni. I later played a little Mario Kart and went to math discussion.
This evening, we walked to Starbucks and Del Taco. Very tasty. I went with Jay, Toni, Jon C., Vince, and Stefanie. Jon and I skipped for a while on the way back before he gave me a ride on his back. When we got back, a group of us hung out on the ground of the other suite. HP, Adam, and Kim joined us. Then I hung out in Jon’s room with him and HP. Very fun night.
Evenstar’s gonna start playing assassination next week. It’s going to be $1 to enter, and the winner gets all the money. We’re going to play with socks. I also signed up for We’ll see how it goes. Anyways, a very fun night.

The Onion – U.S. Inspires World With Attempt At Democratic Election

I thought this was funny and an interesting read.

“More than half of America’s citizens—a large portion of them women—made a valiant attempt to choose their own leader, even though there was no guarantee their votes would be counted. It was truly inspirational.”

Considering such disputes, Salman said he was “touched and gladdened” that voter turnout for the U.S. election nearly approached voter-turnout rates for Afghanistan’s first popular elections in October, when 69 percent of citizens cast ballots.

Voting Etc

Voting took a long time yesterday. It was worth it though. Very exciting ^_^ I went with Gemma, Allison, and Rebecca. We played Contact in line… a very strange game. Later, we played Monopoly on my Clie. That game always reminds me of Carrie, heh. I’m talking with Jackie right now… in our music class, she accidently unplugged the projector while we were watching a movie. Then, she was fooling around with it, talking about how she had unplugged it, and she unplugged it again. Very funny. Another time, I laughed so hard that I fell out of my desk. There was a college student in the class that thought Andrei was gay and thought that he was always checking him out. This guy also made fun of William a lot. Good times.