Monthly Archives: May 2006


It’s been a while since I posted.
First off, Spring break was good. I don’t really remember what I did. I know I beat Sonic 1 on Genesis and Sonic 1, 2, and 3 on PS2. I beat Katamari Damacy also. Alex came to visit, which was great. It’s good to see old friends. Even got to see Darnell too. They make a great couple. I had some dental work done. A couple fillings and a crown. I crown’s in the back on a tooth that used to hurt a shit load. It doesn’t hurt at all now. Sadly, I’ve had bad toothaches lately in a front tooth. I’ve been taking ibuprofen all the time for it.
School’s going well this quarter. I’m only taking 12 units – Classics 45C (Greek/Roman mythology), Math 6C (linear algebra), and Psych 9C (dumb). I’m also joining Tau Beta Pi, the engineering honors society. It’s been cool so far I guess. I gave tours and talks to prospective UCI students about a month back. Also, two weeks ago I volunteered at a soup kitchen. It was… interesting. No one really washed their hands ever. It didn’t seem very sanitary.
I’m working at Albertson’s now as a courtesy clerk. It’s alright too. Tiring sometimes, but money’s money, and I really like some of the people there. I s’pose mainly Duncan and Andy, but I’m meeting new people and liking them too.
I started playing WoW again.
Antonio and I picked our exact CV apartment for next year. We get it at the beginning of summer, but I’m subleasing to Herbert over the summer until mid-September. This brings up a problem. For some reason, our 12-month lease on the apartment we’re living in now – the one we got around September 29 of last year – ends on August 31, 2006. That doesn’t seem like 12 months to me. I’ll have to squeeze me in with Herbert and Antonio for two weeks. Dartmouth didn’t even give us the option of resigning. Too many (two) noise complaints. Assholes. Patrick’s going to be out of the country for August and doesn’t want to have to move out in July and pay for a month that he’s not going to use so he wants us to break our lease a month early if they’ll let us. I don’t want that. I can’t squeeze in with Tony and Herb for that long, can I? I don’t even know if my other roommates will allow it. But Will wanted to ask them to extend it two weeks for us. I don’t know if they’ll do that considering they already want us out.
I also had an interview with CV about jobs for next year. I don’t know if I want them though. I’m liking Albertson’s.
I want to buy a PSP soon.
I’ve been reading the Well World Saga by Jack L. Chalker. It’s a good series.