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Pokemon Brown

I’ve been playing a Pokemon red romhack lately called Pokemon Brown. There has been one gameplay bug, a few text formatting bugs, some typos, and erroneous references to the original plot. That said, I’ve been really enjoying it. I had two badges.
And today, I can only select New Game. I don’t know what happened.
I’m sad.

Still Alive

Rockers |
Wednesday night Valve held a party at the Temple nightclub for GDC. The club was filled with developers and other people in the gaming industry, and Jonathan Coulton was there performing. For those who don’t know him, he’s responsible for Code Monkey and Still Alive. For his last song, he played an upcoming Rock Band song – Still Alive. Apparently most of the people at the club were screaming, and one person actually rushed the stage in an attempt to steal the song.
This just makes me want the game more.

1: Ocarina of Time

Robot House Challenge 1: Ocarina of Time
Collin and I have decided to try to get a 000 deaths completion of Ocarina of Time without getting any heart pieces. He seems more confident about this challenge than I am. I finished the first dungeon, and then he did some intermediate stuff. I did all that crap in the Goron’s town and started the second dungeon, Dodongo’s Cavern. So far, I’ve died about three times in that dungeon, but I’ve been resetting. I really need to practice more and not play while watching something on the other television.

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers (NES)

Chip ‘n Dale Rescue Rangers is another NES game that really reminds me of my childhood. Besides liking the game, I remember hurrying home from school to watch this on television. This game is extremely simple. It doesn’t have the challenge of Darkwing Duck or the music of Duck Tales. What I like about it is the art and level design.
Immediately I notice how happy and pretty everything is. I mean, you either play as Chip or Dale. You’re a cute chipmunk. How could that not be great? The first enemies you come across are nice, large sprites of robot dogs. Then to fight them, you pick up things like boxes and apples to throw. This definitely didn’t change the way games were made or played, but it’s a fantastic Disney platformer with terrific art.
If only there really would be a Chip ‘n Dale MMORPG.

Little Nemo (NES)

Little Nemo: The Dream Master was a childhood classic. I remember it very fondly. The first thing you notice when you start the game is the wonderful theme music, followed by the scene of Nemo running towards his bed, jumping over the board at the foot of the bed, and going to sleep. Then level one starts, and the amazing music continues!
I really think the first level is the best in the game and a wonderful example for other platformers to strive to meet. Someone posted a speedrun of the game, and it can be found here. Definitely check out a bit of it to see why I love the music so much.
Now, what’s fun about the game? What makes it different than other platformers? Nemo can throw candy. It’ll stun enemies but not kill them. Touching enemies at all, including jumping on them, causes Nemo harm. Luckily, there are some animals that he can feed candy. After they’ll full, they’ll let Nemo “ride” them, which basically means you turn into that animal. Each animal has different abilities, and they’re a lot of fun!
The second level is very similar to the first but has some fun water parts (and I usually hate water levels of any game). The third level differs a bit because you’re riding a train. At the end of each level, you reach a door that functions as an exit to the level. There are a number of locks on the door, and you need to find at least that many keys in the level to unlock it. Normally that isn’t a problem, but later in the game, the keys can be quite hard to find. By the last level (or was it the second to the last level?), I was very annoyed at not being able to find the keys. You either have to run around for a long, long time o use a FAQ.
I recommend playing the first level at least of this game if you ever get the chance. A wonderful, classic game! It might seem strange to call this game wonderful when I’m annoyed at the later levels, but I’m not telling anyone to go spend $60 on this. However, the game is fun even if the last levels are annoying, and the first level is amazingly good. Those early levels show excellent design, the animal riding is interesting and fun, the sprites are cute, and the music is great. Worth anyone’s time who likes classic NES-era games.

Duck Tales (NES)

Last night I played through Duck Tales for the NES. I did use an emulator with a rewind feature so it definitely was not a feat of skill. However, it was quite enjoyable. I left the stage “The Moon” until last so I could look forward to the music. I hope everyone’s familiar with the song. The Advantage play a killer cover of it.
At first the game seemed a bit difficult. You see, there’s no shooting, and jumping on enemies hurt me. What could I do? I eventually realized that by pressing down and B after jumping, I can use my cane as a pogo stick of sorts. When I jump on the enemy with that, it dies. Ah, the platforming could begin! The game reminded me visually of Mega Man. It didn’t have the puzzles or the shooting, but it looked like it.
Duck Tales has players take the role of Scrooge McDuck and search for treasure to increase your riches! In each stage, the goal is to get to the boss and kill him or her by, of course, jumping on the boss repeatedly! In order to do that, you sometimes have to find a particular item or get through a maze. I’m sure the game was less than an hour, but I had a good time finally getting through an old favorite from when I was a kid.
Only one stage really had a maze in it. Throughout the level there are mirrors that teleport Scrooge to another location. One of these locations is the obligatory mine cart riding segment! What game wouldn’t be complete without one of those? However, Duck Tales’ mine cart was pretty boring.
Throughout the stages are hidden treasures to help Scrooge get richer! This is basically just score like that in any other game, but giving things a monetary value made me happy. I remember Duck Tales the show, and I know that Scrooge sure loved his money. I’ll do what I can to make him richer! The treasures are sometimes found just by jumping in the right location or running past a certain thing but are also found by going through secret passageways that looks like walls. This isn’t anything truly amazing, but it gives some gimmick to the otherwise relatively plain levels.
You can check out someone playing The Moon here just to get an idea of the gameplay and listen to that awesome music! I wasn’t the one who posted it or anything; you can thank RickDanto for that. Enjoy

DMC4 Down

It’s the second day of FKW2008:CE, and I’ve just finished DMC4. Great game! Perhaps I’ll discuss the series a bit later, but for now, I gotta keep going ahead! I’ve been playing P.N.03 and working on some NES Disney games like Chip ‘n Dales and Duck Tales. Also, I might do Little Nemo and Mega Man 2. I didn’t realize Capcom made so many great Disney games. They’re responsible for the Magical Quest series. The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse is one of my all time favorite games. What a great platformer! Those suits were awesome.

Game Averaging

Each player goes through a game a little differently, and now there’s a very interesting way to examine the paths taken. I’ve seen two videos in which multiple playthroughs of a game are layered one on top of the other. The camera follows to victorious playthrough while showing what happened to the others as well.
There’s a SelectButton article on averaging a Super Mario World romhack at, and the original article about averaging Gradius at by R. LeFeuvre. The creator edited an emulator to record each playthrough and put them together into one video, but the Mac version is needed to complete it. I find it very interesting to see one single Mario, where apparently everyone stood at the same spot, break into a hundred as each playthrough had Mario go a different route.