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More Games

Before I head to sleep, I thought I’d make one more post. I haven’t been playing a lot lately. Obviously I’m still raiding in WoW. I’ve done RS 10/25 on normal and am 1/12 ICC 25 H, 12/12 ICC 25 N, 8/12 ICC 10 H, and 12/12 ICC 10 N. In Ulduar, I’ve reached YS but haven’t downed him.
I did Zalazane’s Fall, which was really, really cool! With the 4.0 patch already on the background downloader, I really need to push though. I need to put all my time into Loremaster. I really wanted to see the Alliance side of old world as well, not to mention doing the Battle for Undercity as an Alliance character. And obviously, I want my ICC and Ulduar drakes. I know gem really wanted Shadowmourne, but I don’t think it’ll happen. OS 3D 25 drake, Onyxia drake, Mimiron’s Head, and the ZG mounts sure would be cool too (haha yeah right). I need to at least grind rep with Zandalar Tribe and do Stratholme runs. So much to do.
Other than that, I started playing through Gears of War again a bit after reading the novels. I’m playing on the middle difficulty this time, which is challenging (but I’m still progressing steadily). I also need to play Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and Alien Swarm and finish BlazBlue, Mad World, and Demon’s Souls.
Lots of new games coming out soon and a few just came out. Ivy the Kiwi? and Progressor Layton 3 and the Unwound Future both came out recently. Sonic Colors, Dead Rising 2, A Shadow’s Tale, Vanquish, The Force Unleashed 2, LittleBigPlanet 2, Sonic 4 Episode 1, Epic Mickey, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, Donkey Kong Counry Returns, and Cataclysm all come out soon. I’m also still hoping that Aliens: Colonial Marines and Six Days in Fallujah are released.
And then there are further off releases like Portal 2, inFamous 2, The Last Guardian, Ico/SotC remakes, The Old Republic, and Guild Wars 2.
I wish I had more time to play these.

Downstairs Nook Sale

Today I was scheduled as a cashier downstairs. Things were going fairly well except that I was asked to gift wrap but sucked at it. Near the end of my shift, the downstairs customer service person was on break, and someone was looking at Nook cases. I talked to her and ended up making the sale despite being as far from the Nook desk as I could be in the store. It was pretty cool!

Bob’s Game

Just one day after discussing Bob’s Game with Collin, I got an e-mail from the moderator, gBev. I had mentioned to Collin that Bob’s Game still hadn’t come out since the failed 9/9/09 missed release date and that no news had been released.

Dear ex-members of the bob’s game forum,
Well, today is 090910. I think we can safely say that Bob missed all his opportunities and the game is truly over. It’s a shame, but he missed the chance and now it’s too late to do anything. I doubt anyone would publish his game, and the homebrew release wouldn’t gain much attention.
As for the forum, most if not all of you probably read the goodbye post I wrote before Bob jumped in claiming he was still working and showing off that lame movie. I’m glad the forum is dead, to be quite honest. It wasn’t going anywhere. I just wish he would have either let it close when he said it would or given up another notice. But based on his track record, it’s hardly surprising.
Bob pulled us all along with this for two years, but there is still no game. I doubt there ever will be. Duke Nukem Forever is coming out, and bob’s game will still be on bob’s computer as he wastes his time with Tim.
The pre-myBB forum is still viewable at if you feel like reading some old posts.
That’s about it. Feel free to email me here with any questions, and you can add me on Steam (gbev) or Skype (gbev213).
PS: I leave you all with this:

As I said to Collin, maybe this was the game the whole time. Regardless, I enjoyed the Bob’s Game demo and Tetrid. If that’s all there ever will be, the game itself is still deserving of positive thoughts if we can disconnect the idea of the marketing from it.

Nook, Eragon, and a Better Customer Service Shift

Today I had another customer service shift. It went a lot better than yesterday’s. I guess I’m just getting more used to it. Customers actually had issues I could help with today, which is always nice. I got off at 1:30 and then ate in the cafe. While I ate, I read Gears of War: Anvil Gate for a couple hours before deciding to check some things out. I got a Nook (so I could finish Anvil Gate and maybe read The Windup Girl) and Eragon.
And I also heard about a cool looking game called Munchkin! I want to play it!

Customer Service

Last night I worked customer service for a while. And I covered music twice. It was pretty horrible. It was overwhelming doing a bunch of new things all at once. Also, no one I knew was around. I closed, and the computers went down before I could punch out. I had to log it by hand.
It’s cold and rainy today. Normally I like the rain, but it’s not so desirable when waiting at a bus stop. It’s a bit warmer on the bus at least. I couldn’t find my headphones, so no podcasts for me, but I’m reading a Star Wars book on my phone. Okay, time to go read more.


I had a good day at work today. I really like all my coworkers. I talked a bit with the person working customer service near where i was working the Nook counter, and I found out that Keith, my manager, had similar taste in novels as me. Lots of people were interested in the Nook today, too. Best of all, I sold one! They really push selling Nooks and selling membership cards if working cash/wrap, and I had never sold either. I’m really glad and relieved to have sold one! The buyer was a woman who was buying for her 88 year old WW2 vet father. He was very against getting it at first, but he came around eventually (even though it was while I was setting it up – after she had already paid for it). Good day! =D

Xbox Live Costs Even More Now

Price change for Xbox LIVE Gold subscription – Xbox Live’s Major Nelson
Yesterday Major Nelson announced price increases for Xbox Live. One month of Gold is increasing from $7.99 to $9.99, and one year subscriptions are going from $49.99 to $59.99. These changes will be in effect starting on November 1, 2010.
Major Nelson said the following about the changes:

Since launching Xbox LIVE in 2002 we have continually added more content and entertainment experiences for our members, while keeping the price the same. We’re confident that when the new pricing takes effect, an Xbox LIVE Gold membership will continue to offer the best value in the industry.

I think Xbox Live user rogXue, despite having a dumb name, said it best in his comment.

Let’s all thank ESPN/Last FM/Twitter/Facebook and every other useless additional service for this. What a world of butthurt…

Let’s take a look at the free features of Xbox Live. Demos for every game, achievements, friends list, messaging, voice chat, Xbox Live Arcade, Xbox Live Indie Games, avatars, downloadable content, a well organized market place, and an ugly interface filled with ads. If you pay, you can get party chat, video chat, online gaming, parties, Netflix streaming, Facebook, Twitter, and
I’ve been a Gold member previously. The voice chatting is horrible. Why would I want to yell insults at children? That’s all that’s done there. I’ve never wanted to use party chat or video chat at all. In order to use those, I would need to find a large group of people who all want to play console versions of games most likely available on PC. Or maybe Gears of War. I’ve never seen that group. I’ve heard of them, but my friends are computer literate. Facebook, Twitter, and support is ridiculously stupid. I guess those are the features responsible for the price increase. Why would you ever want those features on a console anyways? I could almost see wanting until I remember that you can stream media to your consoles anyways (although it’s easier on a PS3).
What’s left? Netflix. Yes, that’s very nice. But I can do it on the other consoles as well. Really they’re asking for us to pay to play Xbox-exclusive titles online (because if they’re not exclusive, we might as well play on a different service) and chat in large groups that don’t exist. It seems like it’d be smarter simply to purchase titles I want to play online for the PS3. Usually the computer is better for playing online, but it’s true that my computer is tied up with WoW almost all the time. But the PS3’s service is free, so it beats the 360. And there are less ads. The online store is more troublesome on the PS3, but I’ll take that for the reduced cost. Thanks Microsoft. Maybe making me shake my arms around to play games will make me happier with you.
Edit: Oh, and I should add that in order to play with my friends online, we all need Xbox Live subscriptions. Great deal. If a few people decide to come over one Friday night, I can just suggest that each of them pay $9.99 to Microsoft.