Monthly Archives: April 2011

4.1 Trailer

“The Horde is my people. If it be war you bring, then I stand against you.” – Vol’jin

Too cool.
But I’m not sure why they let him live and walk away, or why the Gurubashi aren’t upset by the Zandalar tribe taking them down.

Hiking! and Other Stuff!

On Thursday I went hiking with Jessica and Andrew! It was a lot of fun! I’ve already uploaded a couple photos of some of the things I saw. There was a turtle crossing the street that Jessica kept scaring while trying to get a picture of it. On the way back to the car, we also came across a snake in the middle of the road. I was… less keen on the snake. Ugh. There were a few cool caves and lots of great scenery, including the tree and cave of which I posted photos. I also took some photos of them while we were out for them to use as engagement photos!
Speaking of Jessica and Andrew, we’ve hung out a couple other times recently. We’ve watched a few movies because Jessica realized that gem hasn’t actually seen anything, and we played Cranium with a few other friends too. We also failed at opening a bottle of win; Jessica had to ask one of her neighbors for help. Andrew wasn’t too happy about that when he found out, heh. Anyways, it’s been a lot of fun hanging out!