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The Asskickers

The Asskickers | PC Games, Reviews, Action Games, Fighting

The Asskickers is a fun throwback to older, more difficult beat ’em ups. It has a great art style and fun story. Unfortunately, the game is plagued by problems and glitches. A demo is available on the official site as is the full retail version for $8.99, a price that seems a bit too high even if the game was problem-free. However, I do recommend that fans of the genre looking for a challenge try the demo. If it runs without any of the glitches, that price becomes a lot more reasonable!

Harry Potter and History

Harry Potter is not primarily about friendship, courage, or love. Many times it’s pure luck that Potter triumphs over Voldemort or his minions. Maybe the message was intended to be “if you’re brave and love your friends, then it’ll seem like you’ll lose until chance happens to save you,” but even if that was intended, it isn’t the message I see. The message is that it’s important for us to remember the past.
Things always happen to work out for Potter. I’m not complaining. I loved the books. But realistically (I know, I know, it’s not realistic anyways), it sure seemed like Voldemort should have won. That was largely due to the community as a whole being unprepared because they refused to talk about him, consider the evidence, or properly teach history.
‘Voldemort’ should have been in everyone’s vocabulary. The threat of Death Eaters should have been considered more easily even if one held the assumption that Voldemort was dead. Open-mindedness, equality, and the pursuit of truth seem to be the themes that I see in Harry Potter.

Allied Star Police Review

Allied Star Police for iOS | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Strategy

Allied Star Police, developed by PopCap’s 4th & battery, is an RTS / defense game. You send waves of units along a straight path to battle the enemy’s units. What makes it so special? It was designed by nine-year-old Owain through the help of the Make-A-Wish Foundation for the iOS.

I don’t normally review free games on Game Boyz (because I’m unpaid, I choose to review games that would normally cost money), but I decided to make an exception for this one.

Allied Star Police, Make-a-Wish

Allied Star Police, Make-a-Wish, originally uploaded by theuser.

Allied Star Police was released yesterday! It was designed by fourth-grader Owain, who has leukemia. Make-a-Wish partnered with PopCap to make his dream real. The game is very short but a decent defense game. It’s free right now, so please give it a download! You can read more about this at, and you can donate there as well.