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Today was my first day of work at Toshiba, and I think it went well! I attended part of orientation (with more to come tomorrow), learned how to use a bunch of resources, met a ton of people, went to a couple meetings, and ate some tasty food from the cafeteria.
I really enjoyed my first day. I think I’ll have a great future with the company!
On a side note, I went to my mom’s after work. She made dinner, and I’m going to go over again tomorrow. That works out quite nicely!


Wednesday was my last day at Barnes & Noble! It felt really weird leaving. I’ve a couple dreams about the store since then. Rather than the usual dreams about making metrics, they were about strange changes to the store and how I no longer worked there. I’ll miss all the fun I had and the fantastic people.
Speaking of fantastic people though, I had a party to celebrate my new last night. Most of my friends from the area came, and I had a great time. There were a few guests who hadn’t hung out with me outside of work before, which is always cool. I also got to catch up with Patrick whom I hadn’t seen in years. I climbed a tree at one point, hopped across a field on one foot, and hung out at Katy’s house for the first time. It was definitely an awesome night.
Monday’s my first day at Toshiba. I’m nervous but also looking forward to it!


Glowfish for iOS | iPhone/iPod, Reviews, Action/Adventure

Glowfish, provided to me by MumboJumbo, is a gorgeous, underwater exploration game for the iOS. It somehow manages to be relaxing yet challenging at the same time. On a platform filled with a wide-range of games, Glowfish is a real gem. The game tasks you with rescuing your girlfriend, Coralline, from the evil Dr. You’ll set off to reunite with her, finding friends along the way to help.

Glowfish is beautiful and has a fun sense of scale. Defeating enemies makes you bigger, and bigger enemies require you to be the same size to defeat them. Yes, I’ve seen that before, but it makes for a great game.

Ben “Yahtzee” Croshaw on Gay Roleplaying

The Escapist : Extra Punctuation: Roleplaying Homosexual in Dragon Age 2 via

…the person you are in a game is not the person you are in reality. You reinvent yourself for every new world. I know some people try to play their RPG protagonists as close to their own personalities (and even appearances) as they can, but I like to create a new character, building an image of their personality in my mind that grows with each dialogue and story choice. In other words, I like to role play. I assumed that was the point of a role-playing game. And while playing Dragon Age 2 my Hawke ended up being gay…

I found this article pretty interesting. He finds that as he’s roleplaying, the character’s he created happens to be gay and goes with it. He also discusses relationships in game and the emotional attachments that are created by playing.